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On May 7, 2020, Pastor Darrin Patrick passed away suddenly, leaving behind his wife and four children. Darrin was a remarkable man who touched thousands upon thousands of lives, and we are so grateful for the time that God gave us with him. He had a true gift for teaching the Word and a heart for encouraging other pastors. His influence and impact cannot be measured. We are surrounding the Patrick family with our prayers and support during this time.

As we process our grief and heartache, we want to provide a way for others to give assistance to the Patrick family, and show their deep love and appreciation for what Darrin meant to them. We are committed to being the Church during this time by comforting the hurting and helping meet their needs.


2020-05-08 23:21:15

I only met Darrin a couple times but his preaching of the Word is part of what has made me the man I am today. I am 38, an elder at my church, and a man that values the centrality of the gospel. His preaching was a part of getting me to this point. Thank you!

Lee Howes

2020-05-09 00:11:19

I always looked forward to hearing Darrin speak at Seacoast. He never failed to touch my heart and cause me to examine my own life more deeply through my faith. His teachings made me a better person. I am forever grateful to have had him and his family as part of our Seacoast family. He was a blessing to us all.

Sean Spicer

2020-05-09 00:14:20

Thank you for helping me make my relationship with God even closer. Your loving heart and kindness will be missed terribly. Rest in peace

Jon and Pam Bloom

2020-05-09 00:16:25

Our hearts are breaking for the Patrick family and we hold our memories of Darrin and Amie dear.

Jared Cruzen & Family

2020-05-09 00:34:17

I first met Darrin at St. Patrick's Day tournament in 2018. Our boys have played many baseball games together since. Darrin was inspirational and so easy to talk to. I was blessed to have him as the friend the last couple years. We were just texting this week about carpooling to the boys practice. I will miss him and my heart goes out to the Patrick family.

Kathy Arlauckas

2020-05-09 01:14:21

I am so sorry for your loss. Darrin was an amazing preacher, his messages where some of the best I had ever heard. His honesty and love for the word combined in a way that anyone could relate to. he was open and willing to share what he had found by the way he delivered his message. He will be missed. Love and comfort to you and your family, Kathy Arlauckas


2020-05-09 01:22:11

Thank you for being voice of reason and hope when I had no reason or hope. You impacted more people than you will know. RIP

Heather & Greg Detter

2020-05-09 02:58:35

Prayers and condolences to the Patrick family. With love and best wishes from the Detters

Jacob Wells

2020-05-09 04:12:14

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


2020-05-09 11:35:55

Broken-hearted over this loss of such an amazing Godly man. Pastor DP will be greatly missed.

Kent Massey

2020-05-09 11:52:24

Darrin's teaching was a great encouragement to me. Psalm 34:18.

Joyce Hansen

2020-05-09 12:29:33

Will miss Darrin and his wealth of excellent and Godly knowledge he shared with us. I am truly sorry for his wife, children and church family and will be lifting them up in prayer! Such a wonderful teacher and person and will treasure his teachings! +++

Craig Johnson

2020-05-09 12:54:14



2020-05-09 13:50:50



2020-05-09 13:54:12

I will miss pastor Darrin's teaching. Praying for his wife and kids.

Heather and Shane

2020-05-09 13:54:40

Darrin had a huge impact in our life. While we never met in person, his teaching was so real, so raw, so personal, and so relatable. We will miss his teaching and are praying for his wife and kids.

Bill and Jalane

2020-05-09 14:01:24

We are so saddened by the loss of Darrin. Prayers for his family and for our church.


2020-05-09 14:04:30

I am praying for your family and friends for this great loss.

Brittany Myers

2020-05-09 14:05:02

Pastor Darrin Patrick was a true man of God. Every time he preach I always said come on now it was like it was just for me. I'm so saddened by his death. I'm praying for his family and children. God is near to the broken hearted.

Craig & Nicole Smith

2020-05-09 14:22:43

We will miss you and your gift of teaching Gods word in the special way only you could. Thank you for stirring my affections for Christ and being a big part of my walk with the lord. Praying for comfort and wisdom from the Lord for Amie and the children.

Jason & Sarah Ellis (and family)

2020-05-09 14:33:08

Before we moved from St. Louis to Indiana in 2008, Sarah and I were blessed to have Darrin as our pastor. His authentic style of teaching was relevant, engaging and applicable. We loved The Journey and hearing Darrin preach. We were married at the downtown location and Darrin personally went to bat for us to make that wedding possible. The Ellis family will be praying hard for Amie and the family. Love from Indiana.


2020-05-09 14:37:26

Love and prayers for Amie, Glory, Grace, Drew and Delainey. May God always be your refuge, strength and peace. London, UK


2020-05-09 14:40:27

We were blessed by him and all his messages. Love and prayers for your sweet family

Greg and Mary Broome

2020-05-09 14:51:39

Amie, the kids and the entire Church family is in our prayers durning this difficult time. Darrin was so loved and will be so missed.

Hank & Laurel Greer

2020-05-09 15:05:48

Darrin and his story were an inspiration to all of his. We pray for him and his family.


2020-05-09 15:06:04

Love and prayers for your family during this heartbreaking time. Darrin was a mighty man of God and will be greatly missed.


2020-05-09 15:06:44

Amie, thank you for sharing Pastor Darrin with Seacoast! He was such a blessing to so many of us. I will remember his story as one of hope and redemption! Receive and rest in the peace and comfort of God’s love. We loved Pastor Darrin, and we love you and the kids!!


2020-05-09 15:14:53

Praying for your broken heart to be healed and God’s love, comfort and His peace surround you and your children.

Oak Bridge Community Church

2020-05-09 15:18:50

Very sorry for your loss. Darrin expanded the Kingdom of Jesus greatly in the St.Louis area and will be missed. Grateful for him and praying for your family.


2020-05-09 15:21:37

I am part of Dream Center North Charleston campus. Grieving with you.


2020-05-09 15:22:55

Pastor Darrin's ministry touched so many people and personally brought me to God. I am eternally thankful for his sermons and preaching. I am heartbroken for his family and the world as a whole. He was such a blessing! Love peace to all.


2020-05-09 15:30:25

Pastor DP...I never actually met him personally but sat and listened to his message when he visited our church. Darrin's teaching was a great encouragement to me. I've sat and listened under his teaching ever since via social media. Prayers for Amie, the kids, and the rest of the extended Patrick family and all who knew him well.

Dustin and Michelle Walsh

2020-05-09 15:41:37

We always loved listening to Darrin preach. He spoke the word of God in a way that was real and highly relatable. We will miss him greatly.

Sandy Ray

2020-05-09 15:43:30

Amie and family, I am so very sad and sorry for your loss. I went to The Journey in So.City and loved listening to Pastor Darrin's services. He touched so many people's lives without even knowing us on a personal level. I am grieving his passing and can only imagine the sadness you are feeling right now. My heart and prayers go out to you at this sad very sorry.


2020-05-09 15:48:22

Our family is heartbroken! We looked forward to Pastor Darrin's sermons which were laced with love, encouragement and always a faith challenge. Praying for our entire seacoast family! Thank you seacoast pastors for your leadership and guidance as we all process this together. Praying for his family/friends who are walking through the fire right now and are in desperate need of peace beyond understanding. God certainly is close to the brokenhearted.


2020-05-09 16:04:38

May God comfort and strengthen you as walk this lonely journey. Darrin was such a great teacher for me and gave me wise words. May he now find rest and find peace; and in time, may you and your also.

Jamie & Dave Chancellor

2020-05-09 16:05:10



2020-05-09 16:14:35

We’ve been a part of several churches over the last 30 years and being fairly new to Seacoast, it was like coming home. Our 1st visit was watching Pastor Darrin and what a message he presented. You could see his passion and transparency in wanting to reach others for Jesus. Although we never met him in person, we could sense how much he loved others. Our family sends prayers for comfort, strength, & much love to Darrins wife, children and our Seacoast family.


2020-05-09 16:14:35

I am honestly hurt and distraught. If Jesus let's me, when I get to Heaven, I'm going straight up to Darrin and punching him. But for right now, and going forward, his wife and kids are in my prayers, thoughts, and heart. I sincerely thank you for sharing your husband and father with everyone he helped bring to Jesus, especially myself. Through the Journey Church, my spiritual walk grew tremendously. I thank Darrin and his family for all the sacrifice and love they put into the Journey Church. I promise you it was not in vain. Love all of you.

Cody Calhoun

2020-05-09 16:16:10

Darrin’s ministry helped shape mine. Dude’s Guide helped me and the young men I mentored. Thank you Patrick family for everything you’ve all meant to so many. Praying and we love y’all!

Laney Lane

2020-05-09 16:29:08

It was a privilege to have Darrin as a teaching pastor at Seacoast. My note sheets were always filled with meaningful phrases and The Word itself....corner to corner, back and front. He truly will be missed. My prayers will be with the family during this time of grieving. With love.......

Dave, Cindy and family

2020-05-09 16:31:27

When Darrin started the Journey SI in Marion, we offered him our lake house as a place to stay while he was here working. Over the years he was the pastor here, he and his family became family to us...2of our grandchildren were the same age as 2 of his children...we had lots of fun and fellowship together. Priceless memories we will always treasure. We are so thankful God saw fit to have our paths cross not to mention the growth that took place in us as we were taught by him.


2020-05-09 16:36:23

I loved the Sunday’s when I would get to hear Darrin speak. I could just sense the Holy Spirit in him through his sermons, he truly was my favorite to hear on Sundays. Praying for you Patrick Family and friends. May you feel the presence and peace of Jesus at this time.


2020-05-09 16:41:33

Darrin was a loving husband, father and inspirational preacher. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. God bless his family during this devastating time.

William West

2020-05-09 16:48:52

God hold you and carry you through this time.


2020-05-09 16:55:07

God took my twin home suddenly a year ago in a helicopter crash, your pain is absolutely real to me. I love you guys and im praying right now and as often as God reminds me for his peace, comfort and protection on you all.

Oscar Miskelly

2020-05-09 16:58:06

Darrin came to Pinelake Church in Mississippi a few months ago and was a blessing in many ways. You could sense he was still a wounded man but he was continuing to fight. Eph 6:12

Caroline and Olin

2020-05-09 17:20:45

Even though we didn’t know Darrin personally, we got excited every time we knew he was going to speak. We held on to every word as he eloquently put scripture into something that just...made sense. We enjoyed and admired his love for God. He will be missed for different reasons by so many people. We are praying for his family as we all feel his loss

Luciana and Christian Barnes

2020-05-09 17:24:38

Darrin and The Journey were a blessing in our lives. Our hearts are saddened, we pray for God’s overwhelming love, peace and protection over Amie and her children.

Clay Family St. Louis

2020-05-09 17:31:08

Darrin has left a lasting impact on St. Louis. The journey and It’s ministries make our city a much better and hope-filled place. Our marriage and faith are stronger from having been blessed by his teachings. Praying for Amie and the kids.


2020-05-09 17:37:19

Psalm 34:18-19 The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. I would never have known that scripture of any other if it weren't for Darrin who opened my eyes and heart to the word of God. His preaching spoke to people and made them respond. I am broken hearted along with everyone else and I ask God's mercies for Amie and the kids. Lift their eyes to You, Lord and help them through this unimaginable loss.

Travis Vaughn

2020-05-09 17:39:40

Amie, Robin and I are so sorry. We are praying for you and your family. - Travis

The Maragnis - Brett, Lacey, Chase, Bryce, Grace, & Esther

2020-05-09 17:40:51

Heartbroken. Hurting for you. Praying for you. Thankful for Darrin's life. He truly loved God and loved people. He will be missed greatly.

The Williams family

2020-05-09 17:48:58

Darrin was an amazing teacher, preacher, and person. We are sad to hear of his passing; he was one of our favorite pastors. We are sending love to his family, friends, and anyone who’s life he touched.

Rainee Hale

2020-05-09 18:16:43

Pastor Darren was a blessing. We'll miss him & his sermons so much. ??


2020-05-09 18:55:31

Praying for the family and friends of the Pastor Patrick! Even though I didn’t know him personally, am sure he must have touched so many lives through his life, words, actions and sermons. Praying for strength for his family and friends during this difficult time.


2020-05-09 19:33:13

Prayers for this family and all those close to Darrin. May God wrap his arms around you and fill you with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Christine Turner

2020-05-09 19:34:30

Darrin will be greatly missed. Praying for peace and strength and courage. Praying that you will feel God's presence walking with you in the coming days.

Winebrenner Family

2020-05-09 19:49:12

Blessed by Darrin's life.

The Dorcely Family

2020-05-09 19:59:51

I did not know your pastor and I never attended any of your church sermons as I live in Lehigh Valley PA. My pastor Jon Schwartz from life church posted this and I watched the video and it touched me so deeply and god filled my heart up with generosity right when I read and watched this terrible situation. I will be praying for the family and especially the children as I myself know what’s it’s like to lose your dad at a young age. My prayers are with you all the way from Pennsylvania!


2020-05-09 20:07:01

We are praying for Darrin's family as we cannot imagine the loss they feel. Darrin was a very gifted teacher of God's Word. We will all miss him.

Kim Cosgrove

2020-05-09 20:16:50

I am so sorry. I listened to Darrin and Amie’s story on a podcast and was so struck by his willingness to own his mistakes. I came away with a deep sense of gratitude for his vulnerability and honesty to share his pain. I am praying for the entire Patrick family.


2020-05-09 20:16:59

My prayers are with you and your family!


2020-05-09 20:21:58

I so loved Pastor Darrin’s words of wisdom and the eloquence in which he shared them. He will be grandly missed and I extend my heartfelt condolences as your family navigates this precious loss. My love is with you.

Paul and Deb

2020-05-09 20:33:26

Although we did not know Darrin personally we will miss his teaching greatly. His messages have impacted our lives and love for The Word beyond description. He blessed us with amazing insights and the truth of Christ whenever he preached at Seacoast. We are heartbroken for your family but cling to the hope of everlasting life through Christ. May God care and comfort you through this time of grief.

Stan Jackson

2020-05-09 21:03:00

Sorry for your loss. I went to several ACTS 29 regionals and loved Darrin’s hospitable and loving warmth,

Jeff and Julie Wolf, in memory of Levi

2020-05-09 21:05:26

Our prayers continue for Amie and the children, as well as all the people across the world who were impacted in such an amazing way by Darrin and his ministry. My son, Levi, age 24, left for Heaven May, 2019. Darrin was key in his walk with Christ. We believe they have found each other in Heaven and are rejoicing in perfection, no longer bound to this sin filled place. We can’t wait to join them—come quickly, Lord Jesus. Thank you for Darrin—thank you for Amie and the children. We love you.

Reta Stevens

2020-05-09 21:30:54

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm praying for your family.

EJ & Ally Irizarry

2020-05-09 21:32:48

Praying for God's peace and comfort over your entire family.

Brad & Paula Baum

2020-05-09 22:29:22

You have our sincerest condolences. You are all in our prayers.

Bob and Dorothy Rosene

2020-05-09 22:31:37

Our love and prayers are with Darrin’s family, now and always.

Randall & Ronda Anderson

2020-05-09 22:49:20

We met Darrin briefly at Seacoast but have been greatly blessed by his ministry. We'll be praying for his sweet family.

Krista Harry

2020-05-09 22:49:49

No words seem adequate. I am deeply sorry for your loss, and I’m lifting you all up in prayer. Praying for peace and hope from our Heavenly Father during this unimaginable time.

Roy & Nikki Miller

2020-05-09 22:55:19

Condolences from the Miller family. Praying that God gives you strength in this time of grief. God Bless, Roy, Nikki, Chyna & Brandon


2020-05-09 23:57:03

My prayer that God wrap this family with love and peace.

Ellen Winkler

2020-05-10 00:10:25

Love to the Patrick family. ?

Judith Moore

2020-05-10 00:12:16

Prayers for Peace and Comfort...we love you! And so loved Darrin's messages.

Tim and Carolyn Holman

2020-05-10 00:25:43

We are immensely grateful for the profound impact that Darrin and Amie had on our spiritual growth! ❤️ Love and prayers for the Patrick family!


2020-05-10 00:39:40

Darrin Patrick changed my life. My heart is broken and my spirit is heavy. He prayed with me, prayed for me, spoke life into me and over me. He cried with me and celebrated with me. He graciously allowed me to borrow his faith when I was lacking. Patrick family, our hearts break with you. We mourn this incredible loss with you. We're praying for you and we love you.

Pete and Patti Spitz

2020-05-10 00:40:09

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and Darrin will be missed by so many! His teachings were always delivered with such passion and wisdom! We pray you find peace and feel God’s love as you process your grief.

Blake D. Hill

2020-05-10 01:48:10

Gifted speaker. Helped me engage God. Prayers and hope to his family.

Pattiann Jones

2020-05-10 03:12:23

Thankyou Darrin for your wisdom and style of teaching that brought me closer to Jesus. I know you are now at peace with him.

Susan Wilson

2020-05-10 03:27:36

Praying for the PATRICK family.


2020-05-10 03:39:45

Thank you, Darrin, for founding the Journey and for your incredible teaching all of these years. Your impact on St. Louis -- and my family specifically -- will be felt for generations. Praying for Amie and the kids in this awful time of mourning and shock... Lord, be near to the brokenhearted.


2020-05-10 03:46:29

Father God, hold Amie & the children tightly. Carry them until they’re reunited with Darrin in Heaven.


2020-05-10 04:15:53

Our prayers will continue for Amie and the kids...asking God to give the comfort and peace only he can provide.


2020-05-10 12:02:51

With Love, prayer and understanding.


2020-05-10 13:54:11

We are praying for Amie and her children for God to comfort them, protect them and provide for them.

Josh & Cindy Emerick

2020-05-10 14:12:42

We are so sorry for your loss. Darrin was such a tremendous gift to the Church and to his family. He will be sorely missed! Thank you Darrin for the legacy you left and for inspiring me (Josh) to answer my call become a church planter. The world is a better place because of men like you!

Missie Perrigo

2020-05-10 15:04:31

I never met him personally but I feel he was part of my family and always felt a better person After hearing his messages

James and Antoinette Sanford

2020-05-10 15:18:38

I am shocked and so so sad at this news. When he would preach at Seacoast I knew I was in for a great message. My heart is breaking for his family and the tears keep flowing. I love an prayers to all his family.


2020-05-10 15:19:16

Amie and family - it has been so many years since we attended the Journey (2004-2005) but we will always remember Darrin and your family. Our hearts are deeply grieved and you are in our prayers.

The Lamb Family

2020-05-10 15:32:52

We are so very sorry for your loss and are here for you if you need anything.


2020-05-10 15:34:39

The world is truly a better, more faith filled place because of Pastor Darrin.

Bowersox Family

2020-05-10 16:20:55

Praying for your beautiful family. Darrin’s teaching was instrumental in our return to faith and we praise God as we remember the multitude of ways God used him to be a vessel of Heavenly works.

Jeffery HDeGraaf

2020-05-10 16:29:22

We pray for God's love and his strength for your family during this difficult time.

Bryan & Cristina Smith

2020-05-10 16:30:45

We are so sad to hear about this loss. Pastor Darrin was such a tremendous addition to the Seacoast Church ministries. His passion and insightful teaching will be truly missed. We will be thinking about and praying for all of our leaders and his family during this time.

Dave and Dianne Cavender

2020-05-10 16:32:34

We are Praying for Amie and the kids. Grace and peace to them.


2020-05-10 16:38:57

Love and prayers to Darrin’s family in this time. His sermons brought me closer to Jesus and I know he’s with him now.

Maurice A. White

2020-05-10 16:50:28

My sincere prayers to the Patrick family. My God continue to comfort at this difficult time.

Abraham & Rachel Mohler

2020-05-10 16:55:23

We are heartbroken, and mourn with you. Darrin's teaching and preaching has had an enduring and profound impact on our lives. Your family has our utmost respect and gratitude.

Elizabeth Perkins

2020-05-10 17:15:20

Praying for your comfort, peace and strength.


2020-05-10 17:25:14

May God bring peace and healing to your family and glorify himself through the fruit of Darrin's faithfulness. As he sought to do the Lord's work and his love for Jesus was evident, may his legacy be one that continues to make much of God's love and mercy that gives hope to those who would repent and turn to Jesus.


2020-05-10 17:52:49

Lord thank for Darrin. We are so grateful for knowing him & experiencing his preaching. He impacted our lives so much & helped us grow closer to You. We are grieving during this time and praying for Amie & his children.

Medart Family

2020-05-10 18:00:18

We are thankful for Darrin, who awakened and re-awakened the gospel in our family. We pray for his family who has many things to deal with. As Pastor Gilbert said today, "we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us in faith." May the shoulders the Patrick family stand on give them the strength they need in this life. May our Lord and Savior always bless the Patrick family. Amen.

The Kuttler family

2020-05-10 18:08:17

Thoughts and prayers go out to your family from ours during this difficult time.


2020-05-10 18:43:40

Darrin was my favorite pastor and he helped draw me back to God when I was living in St. Louis. He even had a way with my non-believing friends when I brought them to church. Even when he began preaching at Seacoast I would only want to watch if it was Darrin that day. I can't imagine what his family is going through. He left such a huge impact.

Ed & Melissa Kornfeind

2020-05-10 18:55:30

My heart is aching for the Patrick family and all his close friends and family. Darrin was a gifted pastor and God used him in amazing ways at the Journey. He had a big impact on our walk with the Lord. Praying for all that loved Darrin and that grieve his loss.


2020-05-10 21:40:21

May God bless his life and experience, and use it to help others. God bless, hold and comfort his family at his time.

Pastor Rick & Sarah Metzgar

2020-05-10 23:43:31

Praying for the Patrick family and lifting each of you up in prayer. His legacy will live on through the lives of those he impacted. I’m praying for his wife as well as she processes everything. Praying that peace will surround them all. Sincerely, the Life City Church family in Maryland


2020-05-11 00:03:35

With much love and heartache. Praying for the Patrick family.


2020-05-11 00:54:13

Thank you for preaching the gospel. Praying for your family


2020-05-11 01:34:11

Amie, we pray that your family will be comforted by the countless lives that God used Darrin's ministry to touch and impact for eternity.

Brad and Diane Gilbert

2020-05-11 01:40:04

Grace and peace to you and your family.

Farrah and Jon Jones

2020-05-11 01:43:07

We are heartbroken by this tragic loss. We were members at the Journey and though we never you knew you personally we loved you all so very much and were grateful for the work and sacrifice (much of it we will never know or see but could only phathom) that your family made. We love you all so much. Jon & Farrah


2020-05-11 02:31:04

“There are times when we are beyond speech, when there are no words to express the depths of what we are going thru. Which is precisely why we turn intensely to the Lord and the experience of His presence marks us.” The Lord’s presence is strong and that experience changes and will change everything.

Paul and Michelle Caudell

2020-05-11 02:38:53

Much love to Amie, Glory, Grace, Drew, and Delanie. Completely heartbroken for all of you.


2020-05-11 03:19:58

Like so many others, God used Darrin to bring me closer to Him. Without the Lord’s work through Darrin and The Journey, I have no idea where my life would be right now. I am without words and so sad. My heart is broken for the loss of an exceptional pastor, loving husband, and devoted father. I am praying continuously for his wife, children, family, Seacoast Church, and all who knew and loved him. May God’s peace be with you.

Leslie Crabtree

2020-05-11 04:54:20

Darrin influenced my life greatly as my pastor. Amie and the children are in my thoughts and prayers.

Praveen and Betsy

2020-05-11 06:27:11

Though our hearts ache from this unexpected news and we grieve with and for the beautiful family he leaves behind, we count it a privilege and blessing that God gave us the opportunity to know and learn from Pastor Darrin. His influence in our lives was immense and for that we will be ever grateful. His impact was far reaching and we know his legacy will continue to bring people to Christ. We pray that Aime and the kids will cling to the Hope we have in Jesus that Pastor Darrin always spoke of and in it find peace, strength, shelter, courage and the light to carry on through these dark and difficult days. We are so sorry for your loss, Patrick family. We love you.


2020-05-11 10:43:32

Darrin blessed our family tremendously by co-authoring the book For the City with Matt Carter. We read this at a time when we were transitioning churches and denominations, and it helped us see God's heart for those around us. Thank you, Jesus, for calling Darrin to minister to the body of Christ. Oh Jesus, you can take up his wife and children into your arms. You embraced children when you walked among us. Who like you is able to carry along his family now? Their souls, Lord, keep them in your loving, gentle, protective, tender, affectionate care. Give them a greater appetite for heaven and Jesus Christ. Fill them will your comfort by the power of the Holy Spirit. You are the Comforter, we can ask no greater comfort. We love you. Keep them, Jesus. Advocate for them. In your Name and by your grace, Mark

Greg and Linda Wright

2020-05-11 12:21:33

We loved his spirit and will miss him. We know He is rejoicing with Jesus.

Mick and Stephanie McIntyre

2020-05-11 12:30:49

Amie and family we are saddened by the loss of your wonderful Darren. We will be praying for God to lift you up and carry each of you through this dark valley. His gift of preaching and teaching blessed us at The Journey. Again, our deepest sympathy. Love, Stephanie and Mick


2020-05-11 12:56:42

We sat under Darrin's preaching for over 5 years at The Journey. He was such a force for the Gospel. He seemed passionate about 2 things in life, Jesus and his family. We are better because of him and his passions. Praying for Amie and the kids during this unimaginable time.

Bea & Jeff Isaac

2020-05-11 13:44:55

The Patrick family is in our hearts and prayers. We are so grateful fo the many ways Darrin's preaching has helped us grow.


2020-05-11 14:24:14

Praying for your family. We will all miss Darrin so much! Each time he taught at Seacoast I always looked forward to it because I learned so much from him. He had a way of preaching the gospel like nobody else.


2020-05-11 15:10:59

May the Lord bless and keep you, Amie, Glory, Grace, Drew, and Delainey, in this hour of profound grief. We are so sorry for this incredible loss of such a dear man.


2020-05-11 15:26:01

Praying for Gods love and comfort to cover you during this time.


2020-05-11 15:26:32

Praying for the Patrick family, Darrin touched and changed so many lives, my you be comforted through your memories and his beautiful legacy.


2020-05-11 16:39:56

Darrin's friendship and ministry brought us closer to Jesus. We are forever grateful. Amie, we weep with you in this season of profound grief. You and your children remain close to our hearts.


2020-05-11 18:34:18

Grieving for the Patrick Family


2020-05-11 18:38:47

Darrin had a gift like no other preacher I had ever heard. I feel fortunate to have had him as my pastor for a decade and I learned so much from both him and his wife Amie. My heart goes out to the Patrick family. Sending so much love and prayers.


2020-05-11 19:47:25

My husband and I loved Darrin very much. He was such a great teacher. Our prayers are with his family.


2020-05-11 20:21:19

Darrin made a lasting impact on so many. I am so sorry for your loss.

Michael and Daniel Powers & family

2020-05-11 20:53:13

The Powers family send their condolences to the Patrick family and Michael and Daniel send their prayers to their special friend Drew.

Linda W

2020-05-11 21:32:43

His messages got better and better, such a deep thought provoking person. He will be missed by all! Xxoo


2020-05-11 22:17:42

Sending hugs and prayers during this time.

Amy and Nathan Mattia

2020-05-11 22:59:46

Love you all. We are praying.


2020-05-12 00:04:52

Darrin's messages will leave a legacy far greater than any other metric will capture. His intellect, experiences, and most importantly, his heart, we're on full display each time he taught.

Ed Funderburk Ministries

2020-05-12 00:31:42

Like so many others, we are praying for Amie & her children. We are deeply saddened to hear of Darrin’s sudden passing. He was truly a remarkable man & leader. His life impacted so many. His love for healthy pastors & churches was a point of common ministry emphasis ... as was our mutual love for the great game of baseball. Darrin had that rare gift of winning over the room with his smile & even more so with his message. We are praying for the Seacoast staff & church family too. May God comfort all impacted by Darrin’s death. May all of us choose to remember the incredible influence of his life & ministry. Sincerely, Ed & Bethani Funderburk -

Paul Linn

2020-05-12 01:00:12

Deeply saddened to hear this news... We never had the privilege of meeting you Pastor Darrin but thoroughly enjoyed all of your sermons. Your authenticity, humility and passion for God always shined through. Sending love and continual prayers of healing for the Patrick family...


2020-05-12 02:40:22

Darrin was an amazingly gifted teacher and pastor and my family will sorely miss him. Thank you Amie and family for sharing him with our Seacoast family. We will miss him. Sending prayers of love and comfort to you all. - GDKGL


2020-05-12 11:52:20

Blessings of hope, courage, and love!

Pam Olivastro

2020-05-12 12:36:55

May God grant you peace that surpasses all understanding.

Sager Family

2020-05-12 14:59:47

We will be praying continually for you as a family, you are so loved?

Andrew & Bonnie Sabados

2020-05-12 15:23:38

We are sad for your loss and trusting God with you for Miracles. God bless and give you comfort. (from Seacoast Conway campus)

The Refuge Church- Maine

2020-05-12 15:34:10

We love the Patrick Family.


2020-05-12 15:57:19

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Ray and Eva Kirk

2020-05-12 16:41:50

We are so grateful to have been a small part of Darrin’s story and even more grateful to hear of countless others who were touched by his faithfulness to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been such a blessing to read so many posts of those who came to know the Lord because of Darrin’s witness! It is impossible for us to know what you are facing, but with confidence we know who holds every moment of your tomorrows. We will continue to pray for you, Amie, and for your precious family. Love from the Kirks!

Jacob Slack

2020-05-12 17:17:45

Our deepest condolences go out to the Patrick family and Sea Coast church family. You’re in our thoughts and prayers!

Jacob Slack

2020-05-12 17:22:56

Our deepest condolences go out to the Patrick family and Sea Coast church family. You’re in our thoughts and prayers!

Jacob and Chelsea Slack

2020-05-12 17:50:15

Please accept our deepest condolences during this difficult time and know that we are praying for the immediate family members and Sea Coast church family.

Strait Family

2020-05-12 17:56:16

Now is the time for tears Don’t speak, save your words There’s nothing you can say To take this pain away Don’t try so hard You can just simply be Cry with me don’t try to fix me friend That’s how you’ll comfort me.


2020-05-12 18:37:21

Prayers to you and your family!

Nancy Blankinship

2020-05-13 01:43:19

So terribly sorry. ??♥️

Lovato Family

2020-05-13 14:18:28

Prayers of healing and comfort for the Patrick Family.

Gaghan Family

2020-05-13 14:30:13

Darren truly changed my life for the better...many blessing to your family.

Crossway Punlisher

2020-05-13 15:21:21

With sincere and heartfelt condolences from all at Crossway.


2020-05-13 15:32:46

My heart is so burdened for you and your children in this great loss of Darrin. I am praying for you, Glory, Grace, Drew and Delaney daily.

Scott & Debi Drachnik

2020-05-13 16:15:14

We were shocked and saddened by Pastor Darrin’s tragic passing and appreciated his teaching and leadership in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayers with tears for his immediate family and church family at this difficult time!


2020-05-13 16:58:03

So much love and prayers to the Patrick family.

William Mulhern

2020-05-13 16:59:19

Praying for your family.

Ron and Denise Richards

2020-05-13 17:15:41

Even though we never met Darrin personally, we felt such a connection with him through his sermons. He was a great teacher and spoke from his heart. There were so many “ahah” moments listening to him preach. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Jarett & Jaime

2020-05-13 17:16:51

James tells us that a true & pure religion calls us to take care of orphans and widows in their affliction. May our omnipotent God grant you peace during this difficult time.

The Bronner Family

2020-05-13 17:21:42

LORD Jesus, Our hearts are broken over this tragic loss. We don’t understand your ways? Please bring deep comfort, hope and healing mercy to Amie and the kids. Please be close to our broken hearts, and send your angels to guard and protect them. In your great name we pray, Amen!

Connie Peterson

2020-05-13 17:25:53

I never met Darrin but as a 94 year old, I have learned so much from Darrin’s sermons. He has given me new insight into many of the Bible stories. He was an amazing teacher. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Connie Peterson

Mark and Robin

2020-05-13 17:45:38

Darrin was an awesome teacher and already sorely missed. RIP.


2020-05-13 18:26:29

Lifting your family in prayer, God is our great comforter and He draws near to the broken hearted...asking for Him to show you His mighty hand at work in your lives in Jesus healing name, Amen

Julie Hiott

2020-05-13 18:37:14

Standing with you in prayer!

Hopson Family

2020-05-13 18:39:34

Our hearts are broken at this news. It was a privilege and blessing to learn from and be encouraged and challenged by Darrin every weekend for so many years at The Journey. Darrin was a gifted teacher who loved Jesus, his family, and his church. His restorative story was inspiring and a reminder that we all desperately need Jesus. Patrick family, you are loved. We will be lifting you up in prayer for a long time.

Ryan Sparks

2020-05-13 18:58:52

My heart & prayers go out to the Patrick family. Thank you for sharing Darrin. He had a tremendous impact on my walk in faith & brought me closer to Jesus. I know that the same can be said for thousands of others. May God provide you comfort & strength during this season.

Fallon Peper

2020-05-13 19:02:18

"Our satisfaction is in the Giver and not just the gifts." -Pastor Darrin Patrick (2019) Ohhh how Pastor Darrin was a gift with his incredible teachings in partnership with our one true Giver. His gift led many TO the Giver. May the Lord's comfort be wrapped securely around this family like the bow on the best looking gift box under the tree. <3

The Yousaf Family

2020-05-13 19:44:17

Blessed by Darrin's ministry and grieving for his family.

Micah & Tracy Vaninger

2020-05-13 20:50:10

Amie & Kids-you are in our prayers.


2020-05-13 21:18:37

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. --Philippians 4:13


2020-05-13 22:06:25

I ran across th is article. And I wanted to be a blessing. May God strength the family and the church. Love you!!! The Lewis Family

Stephanie DeChambeau

2020-05-13 22:18:40

Grieving with you and praying for you all

Loving supporters

2020-05-13 22:19:30

We are so sorry for your and our loss. We really enjoyed Darrin’s teaching. I hope this small gift is of some amount of help. You remain in our prayers.

Susan M Childs

2020-05-13 22:54:09

Praying for comfort and peace for this sweet family.

Jerry and Hope Nantz

2020-05-13 23:13:55

God bless the Patrick family. You hold a very special place in our hearts. We mourne with you and you will be our prayers. Darrin was an amazing man! His work for the LORD will live on, as will our love for he and his family.

Phillip & Sarah Rosal

2020-05-13 23:34:33

Sending prayers for comfort & peace beyond all understanding during this time.

Gary and Kathy Pozgar

2020-05-14 00:49:28

It was a always a pleasure hearing you teach. God bless the Patrick family. We are praying for comfort and peace.

Evan and Shannon Regenstreif

2020-05-14 01:51:29

I had the privilege of hanging with Darrin in March. The time that I was able to spend with him over just a few short days, was life changing. A true gift to those that knew him.

Laura and William Johnson

2020-05-14 02:44:32

We have been greatly blessed by Darrin’s messages and gift for teaching scripture. We are praying for his family.

John & Nikki Perryman

2020-05-14 02:53:28

We have been truly blessed to be under the teaching of Pastor Darrin over the past several years. Although we didn't know him personally, he had a major impact on our lives. We are praying for Darrin's family, our Seacoast family and all those who have been impacted by his death.

Erika Farris

2020-05-14 02:59:02

Darrin impacted my life in an amazing way when I started going to The Journey in 2003 and he has touched so many lives over the years. Amie - we continue to pray daily for you and your family.

In Jesus’ Name...

2020-05-14 04:46:44

Grieving with and praying for you, Patrick Family. God’s faithful work through Darrin forever changed the trajectory of my relationship with Jesus, understanding of the Gospel, and love for the local church. May God bless and keep you forever.


2020-05-14 11:16:26

A small gift of love and support for Darren’s wife and children. Our hearts are heavy with yours. You are in our prayers. Maranatha.


2020-05-14 13:28:35

We loved Darrin’s openness and love of Jesus. God bless his family during these difficult days.


2020-05-14 15:11:52

Pastor Darrin will forever be in our hearts. I will miss his honesty, directness, encouragement, excitement and love of Jesus. He was a gift to us. I thank God for Pastor Darrin.


2020-05-14 15:44:56

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rom. 15:13


2020-05-14 17:02:33

We are so very very sorry for your loss. May our God of Comfort be your family's solace now and in the months to come.

Patrick Dieguez

2020-05-14 17:07:40

Pastor Darrin had a deep spiritual impact on my life during a time of personal faith struggle. I would attend The Journey when I traveled to St. Louis for work, and I was captivated by the community and preaching. Grieving with you, and lifting you up in prayer.

Arnold Roberts

2020-05-14 17:12:02

Darrin was a good man who helped lead me back to the church.

York Family

2020-05-14 17:53:49

Darrin has been so impactful in our lives and his messages will live in us forever. He constantly challenged us to follow Christ in a way that was so real. Our thoughts, prayers, tears and love are with you Amie and family.


2020-05-14 17:57:13

Darrin was a gifted teacher. He will be greatly missed. Praying for his family and friends.

David & Candace Lutz

2020-05-14 18:13:02

We are saddened by the sudden loss of Darrin Patrick. He will be missed at Seacoast! Praying for his family and friends.


2020-05-14 18:53:13

My heart is heavy with the loss of someone so talented. Satan has a way of attacking those who are so gifted in sharing the gospel message. My prayers are with you.


2020-05-14 19:09:06

We are praying for Amie and the kids! I will really miss Darrin’s teaching on the 3 Minute Sermans!


2020-05-14 19:57:38

May God bless the family. The Lewis Family


2020-05-14 20:01:17

Thoughts and prayers.

The Conrad's

2020-05-14 21:06:38

Amie, thanks so much to you, Darrin, and your children for how you have shared the gospel over the years. My wife and I attended the journey when we lived in St. Louis and God used Darrin to truly open my eyes to the good news of Jesus. As a stay at home dad, I know that Darrin never would have had that chance without your support and love. Thank you to you and your family for the sacrifices you have made in the name of Christ. We are praying for your healing.

Nabe Family

2020-05-14 22:33:41

Darrin changed our lives. We are forever grateful for Darrin’s eloquent words spoken from the Holy Spirit. He is forever in our hearts and we look forward to seeing him again.


2020-05-14 23:01:27

Dear Amie and family, Your family has been on my mind and prayers. Pastor Darrin’s teaching meant so much to me. Continuing to pray for you all.

Mark & Kimberly Thom and Family

2020-05-14 23:21:13

Our hearts hurt for you and we’re weeping with you and your family because of the love of Christ in us.

Cale and Aimee Riggs

2020-05-14 23:57:20

We love you guys and are praying for you!

Amy Callas

2020-05-15 01:01:44

Patrick Family - We are thinking and praying for you... The Callas Family


2020-05-15 02:59:44

His books have really helped me dream bigger dreams for the gospel in the city. Lifting up prayers for the Patrick family.

Phillip & Lisa Wright

2020-05-15 11:42:18

Pastor Darrin made such a difference in our lives. He came at a time when we wanted to leave the church. He spoke from the heart - about everyday struggles, interjected with the right amount of humor but always bringing it back to our Savior. He was genuine. We looked forward to every time he spoke and were truly disappointed if we missed one of his services. Our regret was not telling him how meaningful his sermons were to us. Please accept our deepest condolences and prayers for your family's loss. He is missed.


2020-05-15 12:38:55

Although I never met Darrin I know him both through others and through my own struggle to integrate my successes and failures as a pastor. I am grieving for and with his family and friends.

Patrick & Tracy Brangle

2020-05-15 13:26:46

When a light as bright as Darrin's is extinguished, it sure does leave a big hole in our hearts. We are mourning with you and pray for your comfort & peace.


2020-05-15 13:36:29

Jesus worked through Darrin in powerful ways for me and my family. I want to thank Darrin for his commitment to the gospel, both in his preaching and in his own life, especially during his transition from the Journey in St. Louis. Our love goes out to Aimie and the Patrick the family.

Karen Stallings

2020-05-15 14:37:02

I'm so Sorry for your loss! I dearly loved Darrin's teachings of God's Word. Please know I'm praying for your family, Our Seacoast Church family and ALL who knew and Loved Darrin. ❤?

D. Clay Perkins / Financial Planning Ministry

2020-05-15 14:58:43

May God grant peace in the pain. FPM loves our Partnership with Seacoast. The preaching and teach of Darrin Patrick and other at Seacoast has help so many grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Much love - many prayers. D. Clay Perkins, Financial Planning Ministry.

Tony and Debbie Urzi

2020-05-15 15:11:31

Darrin poured into, mentored, coached, and loved our son David. David will never be the same for the time he spent with Darrin. We are praying for Darrin’s family, that God would comfort you as only He can. Know that Darrin’s life continues on through his legacy of lives that he changed.


2020-05-15 15:42:16

Prayers for the Patrick and Seacoast family.

Teresa Y. Merritt

2020-05-15 15:57:26

We are praying for you and your family.

Ben Patterson

2020-05-15 17:00:21

I am so grateful for Darrin’s friendship and wisdom over the years. We are grieving with you...

Christiana Halvorson

2020-05-15 17:10:21

I am so sorry for your loss!

Christiana Halvorson

2020-05-15 17:22:15

I’m so sorry for your loss!

the Lambert family

2020-05-15 17:23:10

We are so sorry for your great loss.


2020-05-15 17:32:05

RIP Darrin, prayers for your family as they mourn. Journey has never been same since your departure.

J Ullum

2020-05-15 17:38:43

His legacy lives on, Darrin will continue to encourage and inspire. His work isn't done yet.

Shawn & Dee McKeen

2020-05-15 17:55:54

What a privilege of being taught by Pastor Darrin. Loved to hear him preach and his famous saying, You don’t have God in your life, how is that working for you?

Ross and Kimberley Bagley

2020-05-15 17:57:52

We adored Darrin and are truly blessed for having learned from him. We will continue to pray for his family. ?

Josh & Stephanie Werner

2020-05-15 18:08:06

We are praying for you all during this time and the times to come. So grateful for the God given words from Darrin that truly changed our lives during his years at The Journey. He will be tremendously missed, and we look forward to seeing him again someday.

Madeleine Mckenzie

2020-05-15 18:21:53

My heart hurts deeply for Darrin’s family and our Seacoast family !! What an amazing, deep teacher of God’s Word ! I really appreciated and loved every time he shared that Word and his heart !

Ties Family

2020-05-15 18:35:43

Deeply blessed by Darrin’s teaching at The Journey in St Louis.


2020-05-15 19:34:36

Darrin has a great impact on our family when we first starting attending The Journey West County.

The Cobb Family

2020-05-15 19:42:28

Prayers to the Patrick family. We loved to hear Pastor Darrin’s sermons. He was so relatable and real. He will be missed.


2020-05-15 19:52:06

So sorry for your loss! I only got to see him teach a few times but I thought he was excellent.

Lisa Stone

2020-05-15 23:28:42

Death is not final...Jesus Christ is. No doubt Darrin is now in the prescence of Jesus; prayers for strength of family and friends/"Strenghth can be found in the joy of the Lord!!!" ???


2020-05-16 00:20:54

Praying for Amie and family.❤️


2020-05-16 13:00:10

So thankful for the ministry of Pastor Darrin! Praying for your beautiful family that the Lord would lavish His love and comfort upon all of you.

Larry and Becky

2020-05-16 15:15:11

We miss Pastor Darrin, our hearts are heavy for our church and for Darrin's family. We appreciate Darrin for his courage, humility, wisdom, compassion, and leadership. We are better people for having known him. With love, Larry and Becky

John and Joyce Tanurchis

2020-05-16 15:28:09

We were drawn to the Journey by Darrin’s gifted ability as a speaker.

the Hernandez family

2020-05-16 15:31:33

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

the Hernandez family

2020-05-16 15:35:02

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

bill & carole irvine

2020-05-16 15:50:49

our prayers are with Amie and the kids. God Bless


2020-05-16 17:36:34

I am saying prayers for your family and honoring the memory and hope for eternal joy for Patrick.

Brent, Julie, & Nick Schowe

2020-05-16 19:15:24

We are so terribly sad over Darrin’s passing. We have known the Patricks for only the past couple of years through the boys’ baseball team, but hanging out with such a genuine guy like Darrin was a big part of what made spending so much time at the ballpark so enjoyable. We grieve with Amie, Drew, and the entire Patrick family but rejoice in the salvation our Savior provides. May He bring you peace.


2020-05-16 19:16:19

Thanks, organizers, for remembering the family’s needs. I hope the church will match whatever is given by individuals.

Brent, Julie, & Nick Schowe

2020-05-16 19:24:30

We are so terribly sad over Darrin’s passing. While we have gotten to know the Patricks only over the past couple of years through the boys’ baseball team, hanging out with such a genuine guy like Darrin was a big part of what made spending so much time at the ballpark so enjoyable. We grieve for Amie, Drew, and the entire Patrick family but rejoice in the salvation our Savior provides. May He bring you peace.

The Helmkamp Family

2020-05-16 20:11:03

Pastor Darrin was amazing. We were at The Journey from 2009 - 2017. He will always hold a special place in our hearts. He is very very missed. :( We will keep The Patrick Family in our prayers.


2020-05-16 22:38:24

May God grant you the peace that surpasses all understanding. Praying for your family. Pam

Andy & Jackie Kelly

2020-05-16 22:47:32

God is with you all at this time. You’re surrounded by faith, love, compassion from ones you’ve never met, but know what loss & grief feel like. May God comfort each of you as you walk through this journey and He will be with you when you’ve made it through. Death doesn’t have the last word!

Traci Stisser

2020-05-16 22:59:29

I first met Pastor Darrin at the Hanley Church location and continued at Tower Grove and West County. I had never experienced teaching like his before! And I never have since! I left the Journey when DP did. His words and humility and love of family and Jesus will impact me for the rest of my life. Thank you Patrick family for sharing your husband and father with so many. I can’t imagine your pain, and I’m so sorry. I take solace in knowing that we will all see him again. Sending much love and support to each of you. God bless❤️

Doug and Linda

2020-05-16 23:22:15

God’s peace and provision to you and your family

Traci Stisser

2020-05-16 23:23:11

I first met Pastor Darin at the Hanley Road church. I followed him to Tower Grove and I also spent some time at West County. I had never heard teachings and the word like Darrin shared... and I never have since I left the Journey when he did. He was so authentic and transparent and passionate about his family and Jesus. He was so impactful in my walk with the Lord. Thank you for supporting and sharing your husband and father with me and so many others. Please know he has left an incredible legacy through you 5 and the thousands of people he brought to our Savior! I can’t imagine the depth of your loss and sorrow, I’m so sorry. I am sending you love and prayers... as I write this and very shortly after enjoying the Seacoast memorial, the skies opened and showered me and joined in my tears for your family and my favorite Pastor... Darrin Patrick❤️

Mark Driscoll The Trinity Church

2020-05-17 00:42:22

Amie and kids we love you. Darrin, love and miss you my brother. Jesus, thanks for eternal life and a reunion party for this family that will last forever.


2020-05-17 01:48:28

Darrin and his teachings have been such a blessing to me and my wife. No amount of words can overstate just how much he did for us and so many others.

Ronald Hernly

2020-05-17 01:50:03

Glad that I got to set in Church with you showing your wisdom and knowledge of the word of God that you have. Thanks for being a part of Seacoast Church.

David and Katie Tesnar

2020-05-17 01:51:31

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family. We live in Atlanta and watch church online but have always found inspiration in Darrin’s message! Rest In Peace.

Ronald Martineau

2020-05-17 13:04:06

Lord bless his family and friends and all who were touched by this awesome Teacher


2020-05-17 13:37:09

May God Bless you! Praying for you!!

David Shane Crawford

2020-05-17 13:41:42



2020-05-17 13:42:40

Dear Patrick Family God Bless you Praying for all of you!


2020-05-17 13:42:43

Prayers for you and your family.


2020-05-17 13:44:21

God Bless


2020-05-17 13:45:02

Praying for Amie, Glory, Grace, Drew and Delaney. We love you and are so thankful that you are in our Seacoast family.


2020-05-17 13:47:35

I recently lost my wife and understand the uncertainty of raising a young family alone. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Kelly Olson

2020-05-17 13:50:50

My heart breaks for the Patrick family and I’m forever grateful for how Pastor Darrin’s messages helped God to reach me.


2020-05-17 13:53:06

I recently lost my wife and understand the uncertainty of raising a young family alone. I’m so sorry for your loss.


2020-05-17 13:53:54

Thank you Darrin!

Cathy Cink

2020-05-17 13:56:39

I am praying for your family. He was an amazing teacher!


2020-05-17 14:01:40

We always looked forward to Darrin's message. We will miss his edge, humor and insight. Our hearts are heavy with you. May you take comfort in knowing so many people care for you and about you. We are all family.


2020-05-17 14:03:44

I recently lost my wife and completely understand the uncertainty of raising a young family alone. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Joe Komins

2020-05-17 14:13:10

We love attending Seacoast when visiting our grand daughters and really enjoyed Darrin's messages. We are praying for all of the Seacoast family.

Jeffrey Smith

2020-05-17 14:21:50

Amie, We love you and yours. We'll never forget our whirlwind time with you and your family in Jupiter. You and yours are always welcome with us. We love you, ALWAYS!! Jeff and Cindy

K. Sports

2020-05-17 15:08:18

Praying for his family.

Gareth and Ashley Davies

2020-05-17 15:10:32

Thank you for always sharing God’s word with us. Prayers for the Patrick family.

John & Denise

2020-05-17 15:14:27

We are praying for you and your family. Darren was an inspiration to us and our family.


2020-05-17 15:15:57

Bless you Patrick family. You are surrounded by a company of angels. You are loved.


2020-05-17 15:18:41

Seacoast and GriefShare has helped me so tremendously in dealing with my own grief of losing my husband who was so young and unexpected. I want to give back and knowing what struggles and sadness the Patrick family must be going through at this time, it's heart breaking but God is in control. His comfort will come in tangible ways like He did for me.

John & Anne Marie Deaville

2020-05-17 15:19:47

God Bless you all! We are praying for comfort at this horribly difficult time for all of the family and all Darrin's co-pastors and friends that will never stop missing him. He was a strong and great pastor and we too will miss him! Much Love and Blessings and Comfort to you Amie and your and Darrin's beautiful children.

The Lawrence Family @seacoast

2020-05-17 15:20:02

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darren's teachings.


2020-05-17 15:20:11

What a tragedy. My deepest and sincere condolences to his family. I am so sorry. May God wrap his arms around you all and continue to comfort you all at this extremely difficult time. Tina A. Savage of Seacoast Summerville, SC


2020-05-17 15:21:39

Pastor Darrin's preaching has helped carry me through some dark times over the last few years, and I feel grateful to have experienced his gift of sharing the gospel. Praying for strength, peace and comfort for the Patrick family.

Frank & Janet Bender

2020-05-17 15:22:31

We are thankful for the impact Darrin’s ministry made and continues to make on our lives. With love and deepest sympathy.

The Lawrence Family @seacoast

2020-05-17 15:23:56

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darren's teachings.

The Lawrence Family @ Seacoast Church

2020-05-17 15:31:45

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick Family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darrin's teachings.


2020-05-17 15:34:10

We honor and are thankful for Darrin’s legacy and grieve and pray for his family.

The Davises

2020-05-17 15:34:25

Sending love and encouragement to your family, we have been so encouraged by Darrin's teaching. We pray that God brings comfort and peace.

The Lawrence Family @ Seacoast Church

2020-05-17 15:36:20

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick Family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darrin's teachings.


2020-05-17 15:38:27

We are praying for the Patrick family. We only knew him from the online messages, but we cannot wait to meet him in person in heaven one day!

The Walker Family

2020-05-17 15:38:47

May God cover Darrins family, please Lord give them the Peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding.

Frank & Janet Bender

2020-05-17 15:39:07

We are grieving this tragic loss, but so grateful for the impact of Darrin’s ministry in our lives.

The Lawrence Family @ Seacoast Church

2020-05-17 15:40:51

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick Family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darrin's teachings.

The Helton Family, Augusta, GA

2020-05-17 16:19:58

He was a wonderful teacher and we are so sorry for your loss. We’ve been through it and are praying with you and for you. For peace and comfort.


2020-05-17 16:25:11

With heart felt prayer

Michele Odom

2020-05-17 16:33:57

Pastor Patrick was such a Blessing- always looked forward to his teachings. He will be missed beyond words. Prayers for all of us as we mourn his passing.

Jamie and Kimberly Bethea

2020-05-17 16:41:23

Thankful for his discipleship and his teaching of God’s word. He will be greatly missed!


2020-05-17 16:48:03

Darrin was a great guy. So sorry for your loss.

The Easterling Family

2020-05-17 17:02:28

Lifting the Patrick family up in prayer consistently. We were privileged to hear Darrin's prophetic words through Seacoast on numerous occasions. His heart for the Lord was truly evident, as he spoke with both conviction and passion. Praying for peace during this difficult journey. Rejoicing in Darrin's newfound life with the Lord. ❤️

Tom & Karen Berry

2020-05-17 17:02:30

Darrin was the deepest, most profound teaching pastor that we have ever listened to. Thank you to his family for sharing him with the world...

Gabe and Melonie Brennan

2020-05-17 17:52:51

We were so blessed by Darrin's ministry and are so saddened by his passing. Our prayers are with the family! I had the pleasure of hosting Darrin at the Desiring God conference in Minneapolis a few years back. He was such a kind and sincere man. I was blessed to have gotten to meet him and hear many great sermons online. With appreciation, Gabe and Melonie

The Lawrence Family @ Seacoast Church

2020-05-17 18:39:31

Our deepest condolences to the Patrick Family, we will be praying for y'all and will deeply miss Darrin's teachings.

Magg Family

2020-05-17 18:41:46

So sorry for your devastating loss...What a great human being and amazing pastor Darrin was. His transparency, authenticity and heart for Jesus was evident in all he ever said and he will be dearly missed!

Darrel & Jana Larson @ Seacoast

2020-05-17 19:54:21

Our hearts are broken for your family. Darrin was a wonderful teaching pastor. We will continue to lift all of you up in prayer. May you be surrounded by friends and family who will love you and support you during this painful time.

Brian Keith Mounts

2020-05-17 22:57:41

Our family loved hearing Darrin preach. His method of communicating was unique in that it was foundational, to-the-point, and authoritative while still being relational. We will miss him and will continue to pray for healing in the Patrick family.

Koenig Family

2020-05-17 23:41:54

Our family has been so impacted by Darrin through his messages. His presence will be missed but his legacy lives on. We are praying for the Patrick family as they grieve.

Will & Amy Johnson

2020-05-18 00:50:29

We are blessed to have been part of Seacoast during Pastor Darrin's time here and will remember him well for his and Amie's witness to Seacoast Church. Although we did not have a personal relationship with Darrin, we have seen countless lives changed by the Word that Darrin preached. We lift up the family in prayer and pray that the Holy Spirit be with you all.


2020-05-18 00:59:31

The Patrick family has been such an inspiration. So devastated by your loss. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Norma and Ladell Thomason

2020-05-18 01:18:45

We spent time with Amie and Darrin during their Kansas City years. We have sweet memories of their time here. Darrin invested in our oldest son, Joel who was in high school during that time. His impact on Joel's life made the difference in his spiritual destiny. Our whole family was better spiritually as a result of their ministry here. We are grieving alongside the Patrick family

Nelson Wolff

2020-05-18 01:43:15

Pastor Darrin was my first minister. I accepted Christ as my savior 11 years ago after his Easter sermon and we high fived. I took my wife on our first date to hear him preach. Amie wrote a wonderful essay in Christian marriage that we took before being married. Our love, sympathies and prayers are with the entire Patrick family.

Skip and Debi

2020-05-18 02:42:17

We love you.

Josh and Hannah Borgmeyer

2020-05-18 03:58:25

Our sincere sympathies.

Woodburn Family

2020-05-18 13:33:10

We loved being under Darrin's teaching at The Journey in St. Louis. He will be greatly missed and we are praying for Amie and the family.

Frank & Janet Bender

2020-05-18 14:00:05

We are broken-hearted, but also thankful for the impact of Darrin’s ministry on our lives.

Andy P

2020-05-18 18:10:14

So, so sad to hear of this loss to his family and his Church. Darrin was a man who knew and lived out the power of God’s grace. Looking to God with you

Cheryl Alsheimer and Family

2020-05-19 01:21:32

May the Peace of God, that surpasses all understanding, descend upon you all and cover you in this time of great loss. Darren was a phenomenal teacher and speaker. He had a way of clarifying concepts and infusing them with humor that really touched us all.

Ericka and Garrett Graham

2020-05-19 15:48:13

Praying for your family, at Ecclesia in Houston

Jayne Rogers

2020-05-19 16:41:24

Deeply saddened and so sorry for your loss. Humble prayers for all who are deeply affected.

Alejandro and Amanda Macia

2020-05-19 19:28:48

Pastor Darrin had an incredible impact on my life when I started attending the Journey in 2005. He presented the Gospel in a relatable, intriguing and challenging way. My husband and I will forever hold him in the highest regard, and are so thankful for his life and ministry. Our hearts, prayers and love are with you, Patrick family.

Jerry & Kim Williams

2020-05-19 22:37:29

Pastor Darrin was an inspiration to myself and my family... many of whom don't even live in the Charleston area. After losing our son recently I found myself leaning hard on the words that I had the blessing to hear to hear him speak. His candor, honesty and ability to communicate was unparalleled. Our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and the whole Seacoast family. I will miss seeing him back stage. God bless..

Jenny Green

2020-05-20 00:26:39

Darrin Patrick was gifted by God as a teacher and communicator. I understood the Bible context, the people and the time period when he taught. His message about wrestling with God made me come home and read the Bible to see what happened beforehand and after. I gained a tremendous understanding through the knowledge he shared. We miss him deeply. Our hearts break for the family, we will continue to pray for all of you.

Deborah Lee Vetter

2020-05-20 00:45:32

Thank you for your ministry in Southern Illinois and Saint Louis. We are incredibly sad and pray often for The Journey Church and Aime, Grace, Glory, Drew, and Delainey.

Julia and Brian Hart

2020-05-20 12:00:59

Pastor Darrin will be greatly missed! Brian and I truly appreciated and benefited from his " real" and thought provoking preaching style. I often joked to Brian that my "spiritual IQ" increased with each message I listened to! We respected his transparency and authenticity in the sharing of his restoration journey...for it is one that we all share to some degree. Our prayers are with Amie and the children as they navigate this loss ...wishing you all peace and comfort in your memories made together! In Sympathy, Julia and Brian Hart

Mike and Emily Roberts

2020-05-20 12:47:57

Darrin had a gift for communicating the word of God. We are very grateful to have heard him speak on multiple occasions at Seacoast. May God bless his wife and children.

Patricia Brenkus

2020-05-20 20:49:45

Love and prayers For the Patrick family.

Pastors Dan & Paige Lord - Victory Church STL

2020-05-20 22:31:19

We know that no amount of money can take the pain away that you are feeling. We are praying for you during this extremely difficult season. If you need anything at all, please reach out to us. - Victory Church 636-475-3000

Pam and Bill Stanley

2020-05-21 00:42:59

Prayers for Amie and the entire family during this time.


2020-05-21 01:57:43

Darrin’s messages impacted our lives. We’d get so excited when we’d show up to Seacoast and see he was speaking that week. He had an amazing gift and will be missed. We can only imagine his spirit lives on through his family, and they are in our prayers.

Bill and Kathy Brown

2020-05-21 02:40:08

Prayers for God’s loving comfort & blessings to surround Amie and children

Gospel Community Church

2020-05-21 15:31:42

Praying for you all!

Raphael Mnkandhla

2020-05-21 15:50:50

Thank you Darrin for a great impact in our lives

Andrew Burkhart

2020-05-21 15:51:52

I am grieved and brokenhearted for Aimee and the kids. Praying for you from Oklahoma.

Yancey and Jennefer Arrington

2020-05-21 15:56:49

Love you guys!

LifePoint Church

2020-05-21 16:02:00

I am thankful for Darrin and his ministry. I pray God's richest blessing on Amie and the kids in his passing.

Patrick and Sarah Bowler

2020-05-21 17:17:30

Darrin was a huge source of encouragement to me in the earliest days of our church plant when we were first connecting with Acts 29 some 14 years ago now. Our beginning was a difficult one, and Darrin (and Acts 29) helped make it less so. I am deeply grateful for him for that; he will be missed. We are grieving with you all.

Randall & Susie Simmons

2020-05-21 18:35:38

The Patrick family continues to be in our prayers during this sad time. Thank you for sharing Darrin with us. He was a wonderful teacher of God's word and will be greatly missed.

Rhonda and Chris Bates

2020-05-21 19:03:23

We are heartbroken ! Darrin made such an impact on so many people's lives !! He will surely be missed !! We are continuing to pray for the family. Our loss but heaven's gain

Jen Zink

2020-05-21 19:23:03

Like he did for so many, Darrin encouraged and challenged my faith through his gift of teaching and vision for how the church should impact community. In Phoenix, my pastor had been mentored by Darrin so becoming a member of The Journey when I moved back to St. Louis was the easiest church home decision I've ever made. Many prayers and much love to the Patrick Family.

Kelly M.

2020-05-21 20:24:00

From an atheist who has struggled with suicidal ideation and feels deeply for what this man and his family have been through. I give because I care about other people, not because a deity says so.

Bill & Linda

2020-05-21 23:38:49

Pastor Darrin will be missed by all who heard him. Our hearts go out to his family. Prayers and blessings to you.

Renee Schultz

2020-05-22 03:57:11

Pastor Darren was a huge inspiration to me as I came to the Journey after a divorce. He encouraged me to join a community group which really helped me feel engaged. He helped So many people. I am so thankful for this. Sincere Sympathy to the entire Patrick family. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Renee

Greg & Dedee Lhamon

2020-05-22 14:27:55

Darrin was a force of nature. His absence leaves a whole in all of our lives, but none more than yours. We pray for you regularly, Amie, and we pray for your kids. Grieve well.


2020-05-22 17:43:28

Grace and peace be with you, Patrick family.


2020-05-23 01:22:00

Prayers for God's peace and comfort to his family and friends in the name of Jesus.


2020-05-23 16:08:49

Darrin had an incalculable impact on me as a husband and a dad. I'm so thankful for his ministry. Praying for Amie and their kids.


2020-05-23 19:51:50

What a blessing he was!


2020-05-23 23:33:53

We loved hearing Darrin preach. Will miss his 3 minute sermons. Keeping Amy and the kids in our prayers during this difficult time.

The Journey Southern Illinois

2020-05-24 13:37:55

The Journey Southern Illinois is grateful for the way Darrin was used to plant our church. We love the Patrick family and will support now and in the future any way we can.

Michael Prasher

2020-05-25 12:54:47

Darrin was one of our favorite pastors... EVER. He was so smart and brought a sense of humor to Scripture that we appreciated and could relate. He made the Bible come to life for us and showed us how relevant God’s word still is today. My husband bought his book the Dude’s Guide to Marriage and we’ve only attended 1 after church event, which was the marriage night he and Amie did at Seacoast. My husband had the pleasure of serving them at the Boathouse restaurant at the end of a very long weekend for them. He could tell they were exhausted but they couldn’t be more kind. He wanted them to enjoy their night and say thank you for giving so much to us. Our prayers are with the Patrick family at this time. He has forever imprinted in our hearts. He is at rest with our Lord. God be with you.


2020-05-26 14:18:32

Pastor Darrin has been a wonderful and passionate teacher of the Gospel. He will be greatly missed. We are praying for his dear family at this difficult time.

Brandon & Amber Jones

2020-05-26 18:18:20

Darrin was such a blessing to all. His teachings will be remembered for ages. Though our hearts are broken we rejoice knowing he is home with the Lord. Continued prayers for Amie and the children.

Ronald Hernly

2020-05-27 00:59:40

Will miss you at Seacoast but will see you in heaven one day. Praying for your family left behind.


2020-05-27 01:41:47

I first heard Darrin preach at The Journey, after I had moved from Charleston (and Seacoast) to St. Louis and was thrilled to find a church with such powerful teaching. Ten years later in Charleston, I was so excited when Darrin joined Seacoast, and his teaching continued to mean so much. Wishing his family much peace.

Paula Register

2020-05-27 04:50:36

Praying for the Patrick family.

Jack and Sherry Harris

2020-05-30 02:03:59

When our daughter had been hurt and confused by the church she found the Journey Church and Darren and Amie and her her life was turned around. Thank you for giving so much to help so many.


2020-05-30 18:45:18

Pastor Darrin you will be missed! The Lord spoke through you to help me heal so deep wounds. I am grateful my husband and I were able to sit under your teaching. Praying for your family!

Michael and Danielle Piciulo

2020-05-30 22:48:51

We are praying for all of the Patrick Family. We are so sorry and want to say that we thought highly of Darrin and appreciated the impact he made in so many lives.


2020-05-31 12:54:19

Daily prayers. We are with you, Amie. Darrin was so worthy of our love and respect. We miss him greatly.


2020-06-01 00:24:40

Darrin was one of my favorite speakers. His messages hit home and helped me grow as a Christian. I will miss him and I know you are. Praying for strength and peace


2020-06-01 15:54:20

God bless you and your family. Your love and faith are such an inspiration.


2020-06-02 19:26:22

Dearest Amie & kids—we are mourning with you, loving you, and praying for you.

Kim Childs

2020-06-04 06:11:30

My daughter was so excited when she found The Journey after living in St Louis for about 5 years. Whenever my husband and I visited from Portland, OR, we went to church with our daughter. We loved his sermons, his human approach, and the reality he understood in light of The Bible. Everything he preached was straight out of The Bible. What a real guy. Praying for his wife and children as they mourn the loss of their adorable husband/dad. Life can beat us down. Being a Pastor puts a person in such a position of scrutiny. God Bless.


2020-06-09 12:04:32

Our family is forever grateful for the impact Darrin had on our faith walk at The Journey. Amie, Glory, Grace, Drew, and Delainey - we grieve for you and pray that Jesus will comfort and show you His love in endless ways.


2020-06-15 04:21:26

Our family is so grateful for Darrin and his leadership and faithfulness while we were at the Journey. My wife and I grew so much in our faith while under his leadership. Prayers for Amie and the family.

Dawn Dahmer

2020-06-24 17:28:49

My family and I first met Darrin at The Journey in 2011. First visit, we knew that we wanted to become members. We loved the diversity and love we felt there. His sermons challenged me to be a better Christian and to look to Christ, not myself . I will truly miss him and I will continuously pray for Amie and their children


2020-07-03 19:51:04

It's one thing to hear the word, it's another for it to stick to your soul. Darrin's sermons did that, and we are blessed by hearing him preach. My two current favorite verses that stick to my soul are Judges 6: 12, When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior." And Deuteronomy 33:25, The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze and your strength will equal your days. Amie, we pray for your family and you who we see as mighty warriors with a home as strong as iron and bronze. We pray for God's blessings of ..immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine- Eph. 3:20.


2020-07-04 14:53:32

I am so sorry for your loss. In fact I am sorry for all that we have lost with his passing. You, your family and Pastor Patrick are in my prayers.

The Dougherty Family

2020-08-13 19:12:34

We are deeply saddened at the news of Darrin's passing, and though bittersweet, we are thankful to be able to contribute. Matthew remember's so many of his challenging sermons, The Dude's Guide, The Affordable Christmas, Cardinals Baseball Chaplain, and the excitement of launching Tower Grove. Carrie loved her time working for The Journey and even house-sitting and dog-sitting for you. I loved Darrin's infectious desire to see St Louis loved and changed for the sake of the Gospel. Love God, Love People, Love the City. We love the Patrick family and will never forget Darrin, and are praying for all the Patricks that are grieving this loss.


2020-08-24 01:45:53

Still praying for the Patrick family.

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$ 500

Anonymous Donor

32 days ago

Still praying for the Patrick family.

$ 100

The Dougherty Family

42 days ago

We are deeply saddened at the news of Darrin's passing, and though bittersweet, we are thankful to be able to contribute. Matthew remember's so many of his challenging sermons, The Dude's Guide, The Affordable Christmas, Cardinals Baseball Chaplain, and the excitement of launching Tower Grove. Carrie loved her time working for The Journey and even house-sitting and dog-sitting for you. I loved Darrin's infectious desire to see St Louis loved and changed for the sake of the Gospel. Love God, Love People, Love the City. We love the Patrick family and will never forget Darrin, and are praying for all the Patricks that are grieving this loss.

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Anonymous Donor

82 days ago

I am so sorry for your loss. In fact I am sorry for all that we have lost with his passing. You, your family and Pastor Patrick are in my prayers.

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Anonymous Donor

83 days ago

It's one thing to hear the word, it's another for it to stick to your soul. Darrin's sermons did that, and we are blessed by hearing him preach. My two current favorite verses that stick to my soul are Judges 6: 12, When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior." And Deuteronomy 33:25, The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze and your strength will equal your days. Amie, we pray for your family and you who we see as mighty warriors with a home as strong as iron and bronze. We pray for God's blessings of ..immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine- Eph. 3:20.

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Anonymous Donor

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Dawn Dahmer

92 days ago

My family and I first met Darrin at The Journey in 2011. First visit, we knew that we wanted to become members. We loved the diversity and love we felt there. His sermons challenged me to be a better Christian and to look to Christ, not myself . I will truly miss him and I will continuously pray for Amie and their children

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Anonymous Donor

93 days ago

$ 50

Anonymous Donor

98 days ago

$ 500

Jeff Ness

100 days ago

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