My name is Dallon Leger and I am the owner and founder of EcoGenX Agriculture Recycling Ltd. In 2017, at the age of 26 I began my company focused on recycling agriculture plastics. Just recently in the spring of 2021, I purchased a 40 acre rural property outside of Yorkton Saskatchewan to expand my business and services to farmers in Western Canada. 

Unfortunately, the Saskatchewan government has intervened in my plans stating that I am violating a regulation the was put into effect in 2018 - The Agricultural Packaging Product Waste Stewardship Program. This regulation states that you must be approved by the Saskatchewan government in order to administer a recycling program. I had made several attempts to communicate and work towards a solution however the government made there choice and I was charged on March 16th. 

Dallon is charged under the Environmental Management & Protection Act for my Environmental company. A company focused on recovering and recycling millions of lbs of plastic that is typically burned or buried on farms. Our government elects have lost touch with reality when a business is charged for their recycling program simply because they will not participle in the government program. Too much control involved when I am simply trying to earn a living and provide a service to farmers. 

The plastic I collect I send to a state of the art recycling facility to be remanufactured back into new products. I cannot believe I am in this position today having to defend myself in a court of law for solving a huge problem in agriculture.  In Saskatchewan alone, over 8 million lbs of plastic is used each year on the farm. My success eliminates the need for a government mandated program inflating the cost for farmers in Western Canada. 

I have decided to stand my ground against the government red tape preventing my company from doing what it was intended to do - recycling agriculture plastic in a low cost & convenient solution. It is my goal to fight this charge and gain an exemption to operate outside of the mandated program. My goal of $5000.00 will be used to pay a retainer for a lawyer. My next court date is June 27th