My daughter Alice is going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with our Church. I volunteered to design and purchase the shirts for the group of 23 missionaries. The cost per person to make this mission happen is $2800 for transportation, room and board.  The shirts are not included in this cost, but come out to $15 per shirt and we're providing two shirts per missionary for a total of $30 each. Would you help us send these missionaries to the DR?  Would you help us send our daughter specifically?  She's already fundraised $700 and is sending out support letters this week and helping at a fundraiser again tomorrow night.  If she's short on the trip she's committed to spending her personal savings to cover the rest.

The first $690 of this GiveSendGo campaign will cover the shirts and the rest will cover costs for our daughter and any other members of the team needing support.