Duval County Parents Against Mask Mandates

Campaign Created by: Duval County Parents for Equitable Choice
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Anderson Glenn LLP.


Goal : $50,000

Raised : $6,546

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On August 23, 2021, the Duval County School Board met to go against the governors orders and impose a mask mandate on all Duval County Students. We as parents have the right to make medical decision for our own children per the United States Constitution and the Florida Parents Bill of Rights. Stand with us in our fight against government tyranny as we fight for our rights as parents. If we don't stop this now, they will be mandating more and more.

The funds raised will be used to bring a legal action against the Duval County School Board for issuance of its Emergency Rule dictating that all Duval County Public Schools students will be required to wear a mask beginning September 7, 2021. The vehicle for stopping the Board's unconstitutional diktat will be through an action seeking an emergency temporary injunction so that students attending Duval County Public Schools do not have to suffer the consequences of the Board's political agenda. The Emergency Rule is violative of Governor DeSantis' Executive Order and The Parents Bill of Rights enacted in Florida. The Emergency Rule ignores Florida law holding that mask mandates interfere with the Right to Privacy enshrined in the Florida Constitution. The Emergency Rule cannot pass the constitutional tests established by the United States and Florida Supreme Courts requiring that the Board leave medical decision-making to parents.

AndersonGlenn LLP, with primary counsel Greg Anderson and Nick Whitney, will receive the funds to hold in trust. As work is performed by the Firm in pursuit of the emergency temporary injunction, the Firm will invoice its work against the funds held in trust and will make available an accounting of its work to the Client at the Client's request. The Client for purposes of this engagement will be the GiveSendGo group established here, with the Firm given reasonable discretion to include named Plaintiffs at individual families' requests. By contributing to the fund here, you are not agreeing to be named in the legal action as a Plaintiff. The Firm will receive the express, written consent of all families interested in participating as a named Plaintiff in the legal action before filing on their behalf as Plaintiffs in the legal action.


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