To create music designed to introduce you, bring you back to, or strengthen your belief in Jesus as our savior.

I was originally a rock n' roller, now fully in the Christian Contemporary/Rock world. New Christian artist with strong, inspirational messages designed to touch your soul and let people know that they are not alone. New to the Christian genre, with years of musical experience venturing into a new season of life. Some quotes from listeners: "My eyes and heart were misty"; "Very powerful! Your songs could save lives!"

This is a new beginning to a lasting career in music. Releasing the first two songs in a few months while working on a full EP release Spring of 2024. The full album is to be released late Fall of 2024. Want to use the music to help people who can relate to situations in life that a lot of us have gone through to know it's okay. The songs are based on real-life situations and are proof that you can come out the other side standing. 

#GivingTuesday, #GivingTuesday2023, #GivingTwosday, #GivingTwosday2023