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Goal: USD $150,000
Raised: USD $ 10,253

I am consulting on 17 major lawsuits against governors, hospitals, and state health agencies that issued a vaccine mandate relying exclusively on investigational COVID-19 drugs, violating federal law.  I have offered my services for free to win back the medical rights of the military, healthcare workers, and others harmed by these unlawful ultra vires acts.

I am preparing to sue the FDA (as a plaintiff) for enacting a rule allowing a for-profit company to conduct biomedical research on you, using your private identifiable information, without your consent or knowledge.  This is a violation of your fundamental right to privacy.  The FDA lacked the authority to issue the rule, and we must regain our privacy and bodily autonomy rights.

Lastly, I am preparing to sue the U.S. Government personally, challenging the constitutionality of the PREP Act, which bars you from seeking judicial relief from an injury sustained from the administration of a vaccine, drug, device, etc.  Did you know that right now, if you were to enter into a hospital for a car injury and the attending physician injures you but that injury occurred during a time of "increased burden" from influenza patients, the hospital can claim your injury was PREP Act related preventing you from seeking financial relief?

Follow me at https://twitter.com/GodsRiddles - support the efforts that directly impact your personal life and help me to win the day for all.  We can't all get in the ring to fight, but we can all help those who are.


February Update
February 10, 2024
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I just helped on the 17th lawsuit, with at least 5 more in the works.  We now have lawsuits in CA, CO, WA, OR, TX, and PA, with SC, MA, and MO inbound.

Next, I'm preparing to sue the FDA over its new rule allowing for-profit companies, governments, and others to conduct biomedical research on you and or use your biomedical data without your consent or knowledge and using your private identifiable information in that process.

The FDA did not have the authority to surrender your fundamental right to privacy without your consent.  This is a direct assault on our constitutional rights that must be challenged immediately.

Merry Christmas Everyone
December 21, 2023
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First, Merry Christmas to all!  Second, I am grateful for your faith in me to win the day for our nation.

We just filed a serious action in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which will impact private-based employees nationally.  We argued that the PREP Act preempts private employers from inserting themselves into the decision-making process of the employee considering using a PREP Act product since it requires that individuals surrender their due process rights to seek judicial relief should they incur injury.

Consider that our lawsuit is the first in the nation to make this argument!  How far from the Tree of Liberty have we truly fallen when not even our state AGs will fight for our fundamental rights to due process?

With your help, we are moving forward daily and are now involved in 13 significant legal actions in 7 states, with three more coming in January.

Lastly, lawyers are using components of the template we released to the public last month in their complaints.  It's a good day, and you can be excited knowing you are involved in action, not just talk!

Template finalized
November 22, 2023
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We released the template to the world this week and will soon start filing them ourselves. View at the link below! Thank you all for your financial support.  We have more to come because of you!


Happy November Everyone
November 1, 2023
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We are close to filing our first declaratory judgment request and injunctive relief.  The template is nearly finished, and we hope to file next week, with many more filing across the nation in the coming weeks.  You can visit CovidPenalty.com to see the other lawsuits I'm involved in, including the latest against Governor Newsom.

Thank you all for your support, and I think I haven't even started my "official" funding effort yet!

Update #2
October 10, 2023
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I've held several meetings with lawyers over the last few days.  They are ready to start on the project in what appears to be at least 12 states.  These types of legal actions take about 15 days to finalize because one must demonstrate that there is irreparable harm if the courts do not act swiftly.  Therefore, we hope to end the madness within 30 days.  I am cutting a video to publish towards the end of the week to start pushing the fundraising.  Thank you for being so supportive, and know that action is coming swiftly.

Update #1
October 1, 2023
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Thank you all for the donations as we ramp up the funding efforts so that we can ramp up the legal efforts.


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