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Cory and Paige Hedquist Family Court Case


So my son and I (Mathew Pruitt Pma) have been helping a family that is battling the beast system! (corruption in the system) 

A state trooper traveling at over 100 mph at night in a 55 mph zone, with no lights or siren, hit Paige and her 5 children in a blue Dodge half-ton truck.  They were hit at a 15-30 degree angle from behind and literally tore off the truck bed, spinning them around and flipping the truck over!

The trooper was in a little ford explorer. The trooper, I think his name is Jason Philpot, went over 300 yards/over 900 feet out in a field and through a horse fence after the crash!  It is obvious that the crash was caused by the gross negligence and reckless driving of the trooper.  It is unlawful for a trooper to drive over 100 mph and goes against policy and protocol, this is a breach of the public trust.  It is a miracle that Paige and her 5 children are still alive, they have been traumatized by this experience and this will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Well now, the beast system is trying to blame Paige and is prosecuting her to cover up their liability and mistakes.  So we are teaching them how to defend themselves and overcome the beast system and the evil of it. 

Now they can’t afford this battle and neither can we. It costs lots of money to pay for all the traveling back and forth, about 3 hours one way.  The processes, copies, registered mailings, notary copies, and filings all add up.  My son built them a trust and I have been going back and forth to help them.

The beast system is so angry that we are helping them and exposing their evils that they arrested me in court to try to silence me and keep me from helping the family stand and bring light to the darkness.  They could not hold me or silence me and in 10-15 minutes of me not fearing them, compromising, or bowing, they released me without signing anything.  It pissed the man acting as DA, John Garrabrant, and the man acting as Judge Raymond Gross so much that their faces were both beet red. 

The administrator acting as a Judge was waving his arms stuttering and repeating himself while refusing to answer some basic questions, so when he could not overcome me, he tried to force me to bow by arresting me without an order or cause or lawful warrant!  I just smiled and winked at Paige and Cory (victim & her husband).  So, we need bodies in the court on October 26th, also please make many calls and emails asking questions demanding that the Trooper and the State of Missouri indemnify this family and stop the malicious prosecution and bring Equitable Remedy to this awful situation. 

They have attacked us, my computer has crashed and so has my internet.  My son’s computer and those helping us have all been attacked. 

Please help this family by donating or stocking up on Tree Resin Products at 

Most importantly PRAY for all of us battling evil.

Remember Freedom is not Free!

The court date is October 26, 2021, at 9:00 am at the Gainesville Missouri Courthouse.

Address: 1 Court Square, Gainesville, MO 65655


Call District Attorney of Ozarks County at 417-679-4679
Office of Governor Michael L. Parson at (573) 751-3222
Call Superintendent Colonel Eric T. Olson at (573) 751-3313
Call Assistant Superintendent Lt. Colonel Lance M. MacLaughlin at (573) 751-3313
Call Field Operations Bureau Major Gregory K. Smith at (573) 751-3313

Here is what the Missouri State Highway Patrol says is their Purpose and Core Values.  Read them and compare what is below to the story of what happened above.  Is this who you want to be "Patroling" your highways?

If you don't believe what is below here is their website to fact check it for errors:

The primary purpose of the highway patrol is to enforce the traffic laws and promote safety upon the highways. As near as practicable, all personnel of the patrol shall be used for carrying out these purposes.
As near as practicable, all personnel of the Patrol shall be utilized in carrying out the provisions of Sections 43.350 to 43.380 RSMo.

By excelling as a criminal justice leader in the delivery of quality services, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will ensure Missouri is a safe place to live or visit.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will serve and protect all people by enforcing laws and providing services to ensure a safe and secure environment.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol believes public trust and respect must be earned and are essential to attain our vision and accomplish our mission. To maintain public trust and respect, we embrace the following values:

Uncompromising principle; honesty; steadfast adherence to a strict ethical code.

Accountability; trustworthiness; use of good judgement.

Fairness without prejudice; appreciation for diversity.

High standards; dedicated to our mission; unified in purpose.

Concern with human welfare; ability to appreciate feelings or emotions of others.

Creativity; the ability to be effective in difficult situations.

We are committed to respecting individual dignity in all people and to providing services in a fair, consistent, and impartial manner to the best of our ability. As caring and innovative professionals, the men and women of the Missouri State Highway Patrol will strive to maintain a safe environment through a service orientated organization capable of addressing the most complex challenges that confront us.

We are committed to providing services from knowledgeable, capable, and willing employees. We are committed to respecting each employee as an individual and for his or her role in the department. We are committed to maintaining sense of pride and camaraderie within our department and to having a workplace where employees are supportive of each other and loyal to the values and commitments of the department.


Update #5
November 16, 2021
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Interviews with Cory and Paige about the accident and how life has changed since the accident.  Please listen and share with everyone you know.
October 18th

SONS OF LIBERTY Interview with Bradly Dean
November 12th 2021

Navada Republic Network
KRJ Talk Radio

Update #4
November 12, 2021
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A new court date has been set for December 4th for Judge Raymond Gross and DA John Garrabrant to try once again to arrest Paige for a accident that she was the victim of instead of following what should have been done in the beginning and putting Officer Philpott in jail for breach of the Public Trust, his Oath of office, and also for violating both the Missouri State Highway Patrol mission statement and their core values. 

Mission statement can be found here:
Core Values can be found here:

From information that was freely given on October 26th, this isn't the first time something like this has happened.  If you know of others who have had this kind of incident in Missouri or Ozark County, please feel free to share.


Update #3
November 9, 2021
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So just to update you on the Events in Missouri:

Cory was let out of jail yesterday after Judge Gross issued a Warrant for contempt of court on November 4th 2021.  Then Judge Gross after the kidnapping renamed Cory to Cory Holden and issued another Warrant for fingerprinting to be done.  

Cory refused the three warrants the Judge gave from November 4th to November 6th then the Judge threatened him with a Warrant with indefinite jail time if he didn't submit to fingerprinting.  So Sunday sometime since the Judge Gross had threatened Cory everything from this point on would be under duress. 

So the Sheriffs office proceeded to take Cory and fingerprint him without him volunteering to do anything.  He is now home or in a safe location with the rest of his family.  Keep praying for them they have a long road ahead, but they have some of the most knowledgeable people working on their behalf.  There are some very big radio / blog shows that are getting ready to air out all this dirty laundry.

I will put updates on this website www.givesendgo/CoryHedquist.  Please pass this website URL along to everyone you know.  Cory and Paige have a long way to go before they can be relatively safe.

Update #2
November 7, 2021
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November 4th, 2021 Brief Update
Cory was served a Warrant for his arrest for contempt of court.  The Judge gave the Warrant and it was to detain Cory Holden (aka Cory John or Cory Hedquist) for three days.

Then on November 5th the docket seems to have been updated to holding Cory indefinitly until he complies with the Order for Fingerprinting.  Judge Raymond Gross now has three cases open against Cory and Paige and all for a $150 fine that the State of Missiouri never gave notice on, never gave notice of hearing on, never gave a ticket on.

Help us fight this corruption and please donate and let others know.  Let's shine the light on this corruption and make it visible for all to see.

Update #1
October 27, 2021
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October 26. Brief Update
They were ushered into a side room after discussions our advisors had with the judge.  That's because they wouldn't let anyone in court room except Paige.  They wouldn't let Cory represent her.  Court Date has been kicked down the road to November 4th.


  • Please pray for protection over everyone involved in helping Cory and Paige. As things have progressed Cory and Paige now have to possibly only temporarily relocate for their protection and the protection of the children. If you can imagine having to look for someplace safe, in an environment where family is far away and where you moved because you thought that location was safe for your family. Please continue to lift up everyone who is assisting them in this endevor.