Hello and thank you for visiting our campaign! My name is Jennifer Archabal, and I am the owner and founder of Cornerstone Learning Academy. I am an Idaho native and have lived in Boise my entire life. I have seen a lot of changes in my lifetime. The last few years there have been many new changes arise that I knew I needed to do something about. I knew if someone didn't stand up, that there might not be anyone left in the next generation to stand for the freedoms we enjoyed when I was a child.

I started Cornerstone in 2021, after my children were denied entry into their classrooms for standing for their religious and medical rights guaranteed by our local laws and Constitution. After they were not allowed to return to their school, I was forced out of my teaching job into homeschooling. With hundreds of other families in the same position as me, I knew something needed to be done and I started a new alternative to education in the heart of Boise. Although I didn't have money, teachers or a building, I had a dream and the Lord, and I knew that would be enough.

Cornerstone just celebrated its first full year as a school and we are currently doing our amazing summer programs that teach life skills and hone in on students' own unique talents and abilities! I am so excited for our next year, but we have some needs that need to be met and I am hoping our amazing community can help! Cornerstone is raising money for some needed building updates, technology needs, and to bolster our 2022-2023 school year program. We have over 100 students at Cornerstone and we service PreK-12th grade students that want to break free of the cookie-cutter education in the public school model. We teach all core classes, as well as life skills and survival classes. We also partner with our local community members, offering apprentice programs that pass on generational skills like welding, electrical wiring, auto mechanic, health care and more! Students can learn how to fend for themselves and homestead with our outdoor, nature and home economics clubs. Cornerstone wants to break the mold in education and get back to teaching students to love learning and teach them how to think, not what to think. 

Cornerstone Learning Academy values core education and teaching our children in a mandate-free environment. I want our students to experience a childhood filled with opportunity and love, not restriction and fear. My hope is to expand in the future to more locations throughout Idaho and impact more lives! 

Thank you for your consideration and the support you can bring to Idaho and educational alternatives! Please visit our website at: www.CornerstoneLearningAcademy.com