Pastor Jim Tarr and His Colorado Church and Christian School Leadership is Threatened with $5,000 Fines and 18 Months in Jail For Resisting Tyrannical Covid Mandates

Pastor Jim Tarr, his wife Pam, and the community at are willing and ready to stand for what's right for our community, our children, our God-given parental rights... and ultimately: LIBERTY.
During a time when communities are being torn apart and individuals are being stripped of their Constitutional freedoms and sovereignties, Cornerstone Christian Center is a light of hope through the darkness.

Cornerstone is a nondenominational Christian church in Basalt Colorado as well as a school that offers grades Pre-K through 12 classical education. While kids are being forced to wear masks in school, Pastor Jim Tarr allows parents the choice to do what they feel is best for their kids; he is not enforcing mandates but has been threatened with extemporaneous punishment that includes forcing children as young as two to wear masks and trudging even infants through the Colorado winter to a bi-weekly testing site where their genetic material will be surrendered and stored. This violates a plethora of Biblical principles as well as basic Human Rights.

During a time in which our God-given freedoms are being violated, Pastors Jim and Pam Tarr have put themselves in the line of fire. They have heard the cries of their congregation and community, who are being forced to comply with decisions and mandates that violate their personal beliefs. Indeed, Cornerstone Christian Church has been singled out; and the Tarr's are under personal as well as professional attack with the threat of fines and even jail time for them and their entire Cornerstone Christian School staff.

This page is our collective effort to support Cornerstone Christian Church, School, Staff, and Communities nationwide who will be better equipped to fight back once we set a precedent and receive the courts favor in this legal battle. Moreover, we are raising funds to stand up for and protect not just the children in Colorado, but for the families across our entire nation. The Tarrs have prepared their hearts for a long, arduous battle ahead. Now, we ask for your help to stand firm.

First and foremost, PLEASE add Cornerstone in Basalt CO and Pastor Jim and Pam Tarr to your prayers.

Secondly, please extend your offering of support as a financial gift to this fight.

Next, if you are a local, please come to our church where we will love to open our arms and welcome you. If you prefer, please join us online at

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Above all: we believe that God hears the prayers of His People.

More than any other time in history, this is YOUR chance to unite in support of those willing to risk everything to stand for Freedom. Our kids and our futures depend on such a time as this.