Compass Academy is a completely new kind of outdoor school that we are building in Crozet, Virginia, USA.

Every donation to The Compass Center Foundation is tax deductible.

Compass Academy is a farm and garden school offering academic, homesteading and wellness curriculum for children.

Our curriculum will emphasize the emotional and physical wellbeing of children more than any other childhood program has to date, to address some of the biggest crises our youth are currently facing: the breakdown of peer and family relationships and their mental and emotional health.

The days at Compass Academy are filled with connection, purpose and peace. We are taking inspiration from these educational models: Waldorf, Montessori and Forest Schools. 

Our low student to teacher ratio allows for individual relationships and a high level of trust and communication between children and adults. 

We emphasize self directed learning, so that children can learn academic skills through topics that ignite their curiosity and passion for life.

Not only are we building this center here in Crozet, but we are creating a business model to teach others around the country and world. 

Our hope is to help inspire the early childhood education movement to support healthier childhoods, which will lead to more fulfilling and happier lives for our kids. 

Our Inspiration / Mission:

  • Our children and our hope for the future of the world, and our faith that there is a better way; your will be done in heaven, and so on earth.
  • We want to provide a rich environment for children to explore healthy lifestyles and experiences in nature.
  • We want to teach our children terrain theory, and proven methods on how to protect and support immunity.
  • We see a better way for our children to interact with the world during their first 18 years of life.
  • We want to co-create a beautiful community of friends and neighbors who have similar values.

Help us create this template for the country, and the world to follow, and join our movement!

This fundraising campaign has a large monetary goal. This is a big project that we are hoping will create a ripple effect in the area of education that will sweep across the world.

We are raising funds to help with these expenses:

--> Construction costs to begin building a small outdoor learning greenhouse classroom and renovate current campus structures up to licensing standards ($20,000)

--> Creating a security savings account for the school. This will be used in the case of unexpected expenses, starting a scholarship fund, and addressing new or unexpected liabilities as they come up ($40,000)

--> Farm and garden supplies, learning supplies and educational materials ($10,000)

--> Start up administrative and legal costs including our website, staff benefits, office supplies, accreditation fees and overhead costs to prepare all needed paperwork for accreditation, and legal counsel. ($40,000)

Our current team of advisors consists of doctors, certified teachers, holistic health practitioners, masters in education, architects, master gardeners and farmers. 

Please show your support in any amount you can give, to support our children's future! 

We appreciate your time in reading this!


Robin Shirley, Founding Director

In giving to our campaign you'll be helping us create a new approach to learning and a new generation of free thinkers, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, kind humans, stewards of the earth and freedom keepers.

In return for your donation, we've created several gifts that we'd like to give to you:

$250 - The Compass Center pen and paper pad and updates on our progress!

$500 - The Compass Center pen and paper pad, email updates on our progress, organic cotton t-shirt.

$1000 - The Compass Center pen and paper pad, email updates on our progress, organic cotton t-shirt, Invitation to sit in on our private monthly advisory board meetings

$2500 + - The Compass Center pen and paper pad, email updates on our progress, organic cotton t-shirt, Invitation to sit in on our private quarterly advisory board meetings, plus apply up to 20% of your donation to children's program credits

(To receive your tax deductible receipt, and/or gifts, just send us your name, donation amount and date, email and/or shipping address to: