Hello kind donor, Please help my brother, Yusupha start a new taxi service to support his family. It will be called "The Yusupha local taxi business for community service"  Your donation will help Purchase our first vehicle, and the profits earned will go to purchases of more vehicles and provide employment.  
we will also need insurance and a few minor repairs. The asking price is 1,500 Dollars, insurance and repairs are where the balance will be utilized. 

Yusupha sees there are a lot of sick and pregnant people where he is, but there is no dedicated service for them. Buy buying this vehicle, He will be able to use this vehicle to drive the pregnant, sick and disabled to and from the hospital for appointments and emergencies, as well as take them grocery shopping as they need.

Your donations are for the purchase of this vehicle to get this business up and running. this a worthy cause to build such a noble organization.

Yusupha already has plans in place for expansions in other areas, where he sees this service is in great need and demand. Yuspuha is a business-minded person and loves to be of service to others. He already knows other serious, hard-working, and diligent young family men, like himself, who are willing to work to support their families. He wants to rent them the cars he will purchase from his profits because he knows that he can employ them, to handle those additional areas he discovers, where these services are lacking and desperately needed.

It is an economical vehicle and he is looking to start a fleet of electric vehicles

after this initial purchase, as he is environmentally conscious.

Please help us make life better for so many needful people in his area,

Please donate what you can. You will be changing so many lives in this community for the better, so whatever you care to donate will go a very long way.

Having just had a baby himself, Yusupha knows that such a service would have helped him and his wife when it was time for her to be "put to bed" (Having a baby).

When asked, Yusupha said, "The Baby's name is Binta jarju, and the wife's name is hajji jallow. Hajji stands for knowledge while Binta stands for God-fearing". (People rarely name their children these types of names like this anymore, Names that reveal that they understand, Children are a gift from Almighty God above.)

Please help as you are led to assist, Any Amount will help

I have already helped Yusupha with a direct contribution. and in this fundraiser also. . You don't have to feel left out. You can be a part of making this a reality, no contribution is too small or too large to make a dream come true