US Combat Veterans vs Washington Post and MSM

Campaign Created by: Jeremy Brown

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jeremy Brown.

Goal: USD $200,000
Raised: USD $ 24,065

My name is Jeremy Brown and I am a 20 year retired US Army Special Forces Disabled Combat Veteran. On Jan. 15th, 2021 the Washington Post "Newspaper" posted a libelous article that intended to defame not only myself, but ALL US Combat Veterans. ( ). This is NOT the only article they have written and published with this intent. When I contacted the author, Greg Jaffe, and told him his article was NOT true or accurate and requested he retract it, he simply refered me to his "Senior Editor". So, I emailed them the same request. (I have the text messages AND emails) Again, I was told they saw nothing wrong with the article and WOULD NOT be retracting it. I warned them that I was NOT the type of guy that would allow this to stand. They clearly have not taken me serious, so here I am.

This is what I would like to do: I am looking to fund a Class Action Defamation Lawsuit of US Combat Veterans against The Washington Post AND Jeff Bezos, the Billionaire owner of the paper and Amazon. You see, these Anti-American, Anti-Christian Globalist Billionaires have so much money, they think they can destroy everyday, hardworking Americans with impunity. They don't care about the damage they cause or lives they ruin. Well, they tried to destroy the WRONG American Combat Vet. I'm NOT filing this suit for some 9 figure settlement, I'm filing to WIN and make these EVIL Anti-American Leftist PAY a heavy price! I want to MAKE AN EXAMPLE of them, PERIOD! I don't need their money, but I DO want them to PAY and PUBLICLY apologize!

It is WAY past time for us to STAND UP! Show them "WE THE PEOPLE" are in charge! Use LAWFARE against THEM for a change. If you are wondering if I have what it takes to fight this fight, please listen to how I FIGHT! ( Copy and Paste LINK: )

I have exposed the corrupt FBI and now I want to build a Legal Team to TAKE DOWN The Washington Post and send a STRONG message to the Main Stream Media: STOP IT, or we'll STOP YOU!

What do I need? ONLY 3 things:

1) Money. I'm hoping $200,000 will entice the RIGHT Lawyers to take on this WAR. The more we get, the better our chances. This will fund the second thing...

2) A Legal Team of Pitbulls, hopefully Veterans! and lastly...

3) Veterans willing to come forward and expose how THEY have been harmed by The Washington Post's intentionally irresponsible "reporting", DIRECTLY by name or INDIRECTLY by association.  

I want HUNDREDS of Combat Vets, in uniform if possible, in the Court Room in front of a Jury of Americans and THOUSANDS outside demanding JUSTICE!  

WHEN we WIN, the funds WILL be split into 5 Categories:

1) 10% will be a Tithe.
2) Attorney and Legal Fees.
3) Split between the Veterans NAMED in the suit.
4) Split between DONORS based on contribution proportion.
5) To FUND Veteran Run Counter Child, Sex and Human Trafficking Operations.

Percentage break downs will be PUBLISHED once legal team contracts are SIGNED.

IF we are unable to find an Attorney with the BALLS to take on The Washington Post in defense of those who risked their life for WAY less money, then I will file the suit and represent myself and use the other examples as supporting evidence. ALL award splits will remain the same, we just won't have as many legal fees.

IF the case NEVER gets off the ground, I will either 1) return funds to the donors OR 2) donate to a legitimate charity battling the evils being committed against our children. 

If YOU think or feel this is a worthy cause and worthwhile FIGHT, Please consider giving anything you can. I promise to be a Good Steward of any and ALL funds. I will post ALL expenditures in the UPDATES section of this sight AND offer to OPEN the BOOKS to ALL Donors upon request. I will also commit to Tithe 10% of ALL funds RAISED and WON. 

But the MOST important thing is to defeat the LIES of EVIL. I am willing to pick and WIN that fight! If not US, then WHO?

God bless America and our Troops, past, present and future!

*CLOWN WORLD: a state of humanity that makes as much sense as a World full of Clowns. Up is Down, Left is Right, Lies are Truth, Black is White (Ooops, that's racist). See what I mean? SEE ALSO: Orwell's 1984.  


Jeremy Brown
US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant (Ret.)
De Oppresso Liber


Jeremy arrested by FBI
November 1, 2021
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Jeremy was arrested by he FBI on September 29,2021 for tressespassing on Capitol grounds Jan 6.  He never stepped foot in the Capiotol. He has a long uphill legal battle and your financial support is greatly appreciated!!  Please see his other campaign on this page for more info and updates.
Thank you

Update #5 Campaign Pic
April 10, 2021
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Because I wasn't comfortable having my ugly mug as the main image for the campaign, I found a better picture. This isn't about ME, it is about holding the Washington Post accountable for the LIES they have told, are telling and will tell about American Combat Veterans.

Jeremy SENDS 
De Oppresso Liber

***!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!***
April 6, 2021
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Project Veritas scores a HUGE Legal Victory against The New York Times. This is Great news in the WAR on the LIES of the MSM! Get the details here:

Update #3 Why I'm Fighting!
April 6, 2021
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Listen to me explain WHY I am taking on WaPo in our 3rd show. Here's the LINK:

Jeremy SENDS 
De Oppresso Liber

Update #2 Description Adjustment
April 3, 2021
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I have updated the Campaign Description to answer some of the questions I have been asked. If you have any questions, please let me know. KEEP SHARING!

Update #1 DAY ONE
April 3, 2021
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The range is HOT! Scan, YOUR LANE!!!


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