Yahweh is a personal God, who wants a relationship with us, so much so, that our heavenly Father sent His Son, Yeshua to become as one of us, human, to redeem us from sin and ultimately death.  Yahweh makes it a point that when He is speaking to you, there is no doubt it is His voice.  If you entertain doubt that such a voice or incident couldn't possibly be from God, then, those experiences will most likely intensify until you have made a definitive choice for or against belief in God.

This book has been a large part of my spiritual life in the making.  Throughout my journey with Yahweh, Yeshua, and Ruach HoKodesh, I have slowly built up the courage to write about my experiences in the hope that my testimony of God working in and through me would encourage the reader to begin their exciting and loving sojourn with our Creator.  The innumerable acts that I've witnessed God perform in life are more that I can write about in this book, but instead, I wanted to share the most important interactions with God that I've had.  These specific moments changed me profoundly and ultimately changed the course and story of my life.

The supernatural is nothing to be fearful of since we have a God who teaches us through His Holy Spirit all things.  I've learned to confidently walk in the Spirit for almost two decades.  Don't be misled by my courage.  That did not come through my efforts.  Yahweh picked me up spiritually and walked me through a strait and narrow path.  I've lost so much along this path but have gain my God, my most treasured possession.

I ask and encourage you to invest in this story so that others may benefit from my experiences.  I cannot succeed alone but ask my community to help me get this word out so others can benefit.  Publishing costs are expensive and in order to reach the maximum amount of souls, I humbly ask for your help.  Help me to spread His Word through this written work.  Yahweh bless you and keep you forever and ever.