Hurricane Ian directly hit my community in the Grove’s RV Resort in Fort Myers, Florida, displacing ALL of the children in my Christian Youth Group ministry. 

While most of the residents in the resort use their property as a second vacation home during the warmer Florida winter months, all the children who stay in the resort in my Christian Youth Group are year-round residents. This was their only home! Many are not even living with their own parents, but instead with their grandparents as they come from heavily broken families. 

Sadly, these children and their families are devastated and crying, having lost the only home they had. They don’t have a second home to return to that is dry and safe. Most of these homes did not qualify for insurance. Some children are left with no alternative but to move across the country to other less-appealing situations with nothing.  

If you are able to financially contribute to this relief effort for them, please do so! Other than primary financial contributions, if you have clothing for 10-12 year old girls, or 12-14 year old boys, food, and so on, please let me know! Also, if you can loan us disaster relief tools like generators, or donate cleaning tools, supplies, bottled water whatever you think, please reach out! We will be using whatever resources you can provide! Every penny and every donation will be *SO* appreciated by these families. 

We will be heading down in a small truck in the next several days. Please help us stock the truck for our community and especially these children in need! Please also offer your spiritual support!—Prayers are very much needed! 

Please pray for these families and children, and please, also pray for our own family that we can be a reflection of God’s love and support to them during this very scary, scary, challenging time. 

Here is a link to our Christian Youth Group page in the case you would like to see photos of some of our past events. :-)

God bless you for being God’s hands and feet! ❤️❤️❤️

Call or text Tiffany  @ 248-259-8332 for physical item donations, advice, and tips as we head down into the FEMA disaster zone…to our own address!! ☹️😓

Also, please pray that our RV is not a literal fish tank, and that it managed to stay upright, so at least hopefully we will have somewhere to sleep (albeit soggy and with no electricity) while we try to assist others who don’t even have that. 

God only knows what is left of our home and our community until we get there.