You know that barn that supports all the Florida/Georgia Paint and QH shows with all the kids that is supported by Taylor and Jerry Childers? They need our help. At 4 am water started rushing into the house during Hurricane Ian and they had to leave immediately. They left with the clothing on their backs leaving everything behind. Once he had his family safe he headed back to check the barns to find horses standing belly deep in boards that were once stalls. A call was made and trailers came to get the animals out of this situation and they are heading to higher ground. I understand that everyone is in the same situation - this hurricane has ruined many lives - but they willingly left their belongings to save the animals. They have no shoes, clothing, toiletries,  wallets - on top of that no hay or feed for the horses. People are calling me asking how to help. Please consider donating to help then in this time of catastrophic devastation.