If you are able to help us navigate through this time, we greatly appreciate it. Chiara was very much the glue with her and Alain. She managed everything, and in her unexpected passing, we have quite the puzzle to decipher in her absence. She is already greatly missed.

It's never easy asking for help, and it's never a weakness, but a sign of humility, especially in time of need.

About Chiara:

Chiara Veroni Sauret was born in March 1953 in Livorno, Italy. She was an expert educator, having taught Italian, Latin, and French and many art courses at all levels and schools and universities throughout the world. 

She was married to her husband, Alain Sauret, for more than 40 years. Their love was strong and eternal. 

Chiara was actively involved with her church, her grandkids’ schools, and was a volunteer for the Focolare Movement, among other countless other organizations. Whenever someone needed help, she was there and willing to give it. 

She loved traveling, especially with her kids and grandkids. She enjoyed experiencing life to the fullest with her family regardless, whether she was traveling internationally, or just experiencing local museums and restaurants, or simply having a night in with a movie with them.

Chiara beat cancer twice and even survived a sinking cruise ship when she was a teen girl. Her love and fight for life and God was fierce. She had great pride for and is survived by her five children, 14 grandchildren, her husband and her sister and mother, who will forever love and think of her. 

As Chiara wished, her funeral mass will be at Assumption Church on Saturday, April 30th at 2 pm EST. Light refreshments consisting of her favorite donuts and coffee and chamomile will be served after mass.