So I started complaining about pain in my back since I was young and no doctor would help me. They just said I was young and healthy, but a bandaid on it and went about my day. Well a year ago I started getting weird leg spasms and restless legs at night and in September I had an episode where I couldn’t stand up straight or walk good for months. About the middle of November until Jan I was able to stand up better but was not relieved of pain. Last week another episode started out of no where again but it was so bad that I was in fetal position and couldn’t stand up or walk. I could barely even crawl. I crawled to the bathroom almost every morning since September, I sit to shower because I couldn’t stand. So we found out I had a bulging disc that was crushing my nerve to my right leg. I had to go through so much crap and end up impaired before I got the right help.

I ended up at Schuerer Hospital by ambulance yesterday. As some of you know from this week I wasn’t able to stand up straight again! Yesterday morning when I woke up I couldn’t get up, and I couldn’t walk. After being pretty stubborn about going to the hospital(because I just get sent home and nowhere), my daughter called my mom from school and made her come get me. She couldn’t move me so we had to call an

ambulance. They could barely move me and I was screaming so loud and had to be taken out in fetal position in a sheet. I was transferred that day down to Beaumont in Royal Oak, AFTER they tried to send me home when I couldn’t even walk. Thankfully I got to stay in the state. I’ve been through multiple testings and the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life having to be moved from table to table. I don’t know how long I’ll be here and I may have a procedure done tomorrow so we’ll see. 😒

I had emergency discectomy/laminectomy(back surgery) yesterday and will be out of work for awhile for it to heal.