Chay Environmental is requesting financial support for Chai Rivers Recovery Café in Cowlitz County. 

We currently are a 501c3 non profit organization called Chay Environmental. Our mission is to help people who are struggling with addiction, mental health and homelessness and to create safe and stable environments for our community .

The Café Model lends itself to healing and transformation – resulting in housing, long term recovery, and life skills.
The Recovery Café Model is a membership based model. Each Member commits to three agreements:

  1. Be drug and alcohol free for 24 hours before entry.

  2. Participation in a weekly Recovery Circle.

  3. Contribute to the Cafe community. 

Membership in the Café would also include daily food and beverage service, school for recovery classes, fun sober social activities additional support meetings, computer and phone access, Recovery Coaches, and so much more.

In the Recovery Café our employees will be working as resource brokers for Members and other agencies in the community. The Cafe operates in partnerships that flow two ways: relationships that bring resources into the Cafe and relationships that send members out into the larger community.

The Core Commitments of the Recovery Cafe Network are to:

  • Create a community space that is drug and alcohol free, embracing, and healing.

  • Nurture structures of loving accountability called Recovery Circles

  • Empower every member to be a contributor

  • Raise up member leaders, ensure responsible stewardship,

  • Work to end systemic racism and socioeconomic so every person can thrive.