Who are we? We are a community of WestJet employees, both active and in-active, from call-centre and customer service agents to pilots and flight attendants, negatively impacted by the federal government's medical mandates. Many of us have individual variances in our stories; some are on unpaid leave, some suffer from vaccine injury, some were forced into early retirement, and some were terminated. Although impacted individually, we all suffer equally. Whether that statement speaks to you or not, we ask that you continue reading with an open mind and heart.

As a group, we respect and support people's right to choose, and we harbour no grievance towards those who made a personal decision to receive the covid injection. Our objection lies in the coercion, discipline, and denial of informed consent used to achieve the government's goals of mass vaccination. Achieving informed consent under such a heinous act of forced compliance is not only unethical and unconstitutional; it is un-Canadian.

Furthermore, as the covid narrative evolves, new evidence defending those opposed to covid injections and boosters has become available. In Texas, a federal judge instructed the FDA to release 55,000 pages, per month, of data utilized to license the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. As this data release continues to unfold, it is abundantly clear that a great deal of scientific information was never communicated to the public. While we are reluctant to make accusations against any particular organization, it is indisputable that the fundamental hallmarks of informed consent were never achieved: the voluntary nature of a decision and disclosure of information.

Harm from the covid vaccine mandate is irrefutable. We are your family, friends and neighbours, and we have experienced significant suffering. Loss of employment and relationships, while having our rights trampled and cast aside, is a reality society can no longer ignore. In acknowledging these harsh realities, we are pursuing legal action against the Government of Canada and WestJet Airlines.

Our group has secured Leighton Grey, an attorney well-versed and experienced in constitutional law, to advance our claim. His office has similar cases filed against other large corporations and the government. Although it's too soon to declare a victory in any particular case, early progress in those cases has shown promising results. 

We are asking for financial donations as we build our legal case against those responsible for the harm, anguish and damages we have and continue to endure from the federal government's immoral ultimatum. We would appreciate any assistance you could provide - a grotesque violation has occurred, and justice against those responsible is crucial. 

Thank you, we value your support as we step forward to do what is right.

"Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe." - Proverbs 29:25