Support Cape Independence

The Cape Independence Forum has published A Case for Secession - a Handbook for Self-determination, Freedom, Productivity and Prosperity:

At this time of crisis, with Power failures! Corruption! Crime! Racial quotas! Economic decline! it is vital to offer Practical and Positive Solutions and Hope for the future. In our book and on regular radio programs and public meetings we are tackling the many reasons why a region may choose to secede, to escape from oppression and from the chaos caused by a failed state.

Is there hope for the future? Are there solutions for the many crises that confront us? What is secession? What is the Biblical, historic and legal basis for secession? What examples can we learn from history? Why is centralisation always inherently inefficient and counter-productive? Why is decentralisation and privatisation so much better economically? Are there recent contemporary examples of successful seccessions? What is involved in secession? What can we practically do to work for self-determination, secession, independence and freedom? Where do we start? Where can we learn more from those who are involved in working for a free and independent Cape of Good Hope?

Cape independence is not just a good idea, it is absolutely essential for survival.

Either we go down with the ANC run SA Titanic or we launch out in a free and independent Cape of Good Hope lifeboat.

Please partner with us as we provide voter education, present the case for secession and campaign for a free and independent Cape of Good Hope through literature, leadership training and at public meetings and through radio and TV programs.