Help sponsor the printing of A Case for Secession book

Amongst the priorities identified at a recent Cape Independence Strategy session is the battle for the mind/marketing of the importance of self-determination, the benefits of decentralisation, historic examples of successful secessions, the constitutional and legal means to bring about a free and independent Cape of Good Hope and the advantages of independence. This well illustrated book, with first hand eye witness insights from recent secession movements, has been produced to give a compelling case for secession. It is a Handbook for freedom, peace, progress and prosperity.

To inform, inspire and involve, educate, encourage and enlist, motivate and mobilise Capetonians to work for a free and independent Cape of Good Hope, will you invest in this vital printing project ?

To print 10 000 copies of this 104 page book will cost about R140 000.

For South Africans you can find our banking details on our Frontline Fellowship Website: