For years, Christopher Cantwell was pursued by Left wing fanatics over his media productions. Some with masks and pepper spray, others with badges and law licenses. He was repeatedly assaulted, threatened, and ultimately thrown in prison.

All for words. 

Chris has recently been released from federal prison and is trying to put together money for an apartment and a car. You are hereby invited to help finance his reentry into society.

While on pretrial detention, Chris continued recording from the Strafford County jail. To stop him, the federal government put him in "Gitmo North", a prison within a prison, known as the Communications Management Unit (CMU) in the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois. There, he was illegally prohibited from speaking to any media, and his pro se defense in a high profile, politically charged civil lawsuit was sabotaged. 

He nonetheless disproved Democrat power lawyer Roberta Kaplan's false claims in the Sines v. Kessler suit. 

Cantwell's criminal appeal has been pending before the First Circuit Court of Appeals since oral arguments in March of 2022, and there is reason to expect his criminal conviction will be overturned.

But this years long fight has left him impoverished and exhausted. He needs your help.

Normally, when somebody is released from federal prison, they are released to a halfway house up to 12 months before the end of their sentence to have time to recover. Since Cantwell has been persecuted for his speech, he only got one month in the halfway house. 

In days, not weeks, he'll be responsible for meeting his own expenses, but he is prohibited from doing his job while at the halfway house.

Your contribution will go towards helping Chris get back on his feet, and back into the fight.