Callie and Chad shared a home in Fort Meyers, FL with their newborn son Charlie. Callie is a Maine native who had moved to Florida years ago, she is a teacher in Fort Meyers. They didn't have the chance to evacuate before hurricane Ian approached the Florida coast, so they had remained at home when it hit. On Wednesday night the hurricane had reached shore and absolutely devastated Fort Meyers along with many other towns near it. After we were able to reach Callie and her family the next day, we had found out that they lost everything. Their home flooded and they had to evacuate to a near by neighbor's house by swimming through 10ft+ of water. They were only able to take with them their son, their kitten, and a few baby items. They do not have power, but are all safe now at a Chad's mother's place in Florida.

They have a long road ahead of them but they are all safe and that is what matters most. If you would like to donate, please do so here.

All money raised will go directly to Callie and Chad.

They are also in need of formula, baby items, food, etc. If you would like to purchase or send Callie anything to help, please reach out to her mother, JoAnn Anstett for the address and accommodations for shipping.

They also have an amazon list under Brown/Duckwall with items that they will need, the link is below.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones, and help us support Callie, Chad, and Charlie.