10/7/21: Update: Thanks for contributing to our legal fund! We've raised over $8k & spent $1k on Atty Ceradini demand ltr to Wcpss. Next steps: To file a suit v. Wcpss to make masks optional & address covid restrictions, Atty Ceradini informed me that we need at least 25 Wake parent plaintiffs willing to commit to being named plaintiffs in the suit, who pledge to share in paying legal costs, which could be up to $2800 each (if only 25 plaintiffs). Atty Ceradini sent me a detailed budget that can't be posted here since strategy would be exposed. His budget states the suit will cost $70,000. Lawsuits are expensive. Ex. If we take $70k and divide it by $200/hr, we get 350 atty hrs. Divide that by 12 mos and we get 29 hrs/mo, or 7hrs/wk on this case, not including court filing fees or expert witness fees. It is not uncommon for cases like this to cost six figures over a year. His rate is $200/hr (low). This case will probably last 6 mos to a year in court b/c the other side has deep pockets/large legal teams who will file lots of court docs requiring responses. If you are interested in being a plaintiff named in the mask optional lawsuit v. Wcpss, please email Atty Ceradini at ceradinilaw@gmail.com and me at amarshall@carolinateachers.org .  Each plaintiff will need to provide a legal AFFIDAVIT (provided by atty) of the harm to your child(ren) by mask and/or quarantine. If we raise more money here, that will reduce amt each plaintiff parent has to pay. Any funds contributed here to CTA legal fund are nonrefundable & will be used toward CTA's general legal fund in the event not enough plaintiffs come forward. Here's a link to Atty Ceradini's update and his recent ltr to all NC school boards. https://tinyurl.com/Atty-update