"When the heart speaks, however simple the words, its language is always acceptable to those who have hearts". Mary Baker Eddy  (Mis. 262:10)

In response to a desire for pure inspiring Solos for Christian Science Church services, our group is raising money to fund solo recordings by internationally known recording artist Tanya Kay Perkins. Each solo is accompanied by piano and has been carefully selected to seamlessly complement the church service with clear and inspiring thought.  We know you will cherish these Solo selections and the healing message they bring. Your contribution will help share Christian Science and its message of Christian healing.  This fund raising is a non-profit project and all money raised will go towards professional recording and production of the music.

Tanya's unique vocal style shares songs that are clear, beautiful, and inspiring, even her secular songs tend toward uplifting humanity.  People from all over the world, with varying beliefs, have shared with Tanya that they have found comfort and serenity in her music.  New solos will be recorded as funds collected permit.  

Breakdown of funds requested:

Our budget hopes to record each solo for $1400.00.  This cost, in most cases, will cover studio rental, piano tuning, engineer fee, pianist and organist fee, mechanical/royalty license to cover music copyright and permissions to record.

Funds are also needed for CD artwork and manufacturing, web design ( creating downloads) and promotion across social media platforms where music can be found.

We are very grateful for your practical and prayerful support!