Captain Gabriel Garcia, a 42-year- old from Miami, FL is a Bronze Star Recipient, 
Iraq War Veteran, a proud father, successful business owner & true patriot. 

The Captain is innocent of all charges.  In fact, before this incident he’s never been in trouble with the law aside from three speeding tickets.  He doesn't incite violence. In reality, Gabriel fights for freedom & the American people's rights. 

There has yet to be an event attended by Gabriel & fellow patriots where he participated in any violent action, yet he is being painted as an outlaw.  

All Patriots are being dragged through the legal system rather than those who truly incited violence & destruction.

Gabriel, like many other true patriots, has been totally cut off from many social media or pay apps. They are doing everything in their power to try to remove his ability to support himself & his family or obtain legal council. 

If you are able to, please DONATE to help The Captain in his legal defense & give him the means to support himself while he is being cut off from most means to obtain assistance. Gabriel spent $18,000 on doing the District of Columbia Survey to request a change of venue with updated data by showing how bias the jury pool is in the District of Columbia. He also had to let go off his last attorney and needed to hire another attorney that will represent him better.

If you can't afford to donate, please SHARE this to as many patriots as you can. 

God Bless you & thank you for your time & assistance. 

98% of all funds raised will be directed straight to The Captain.

2% will go to GiveSendGo for their extraordinary labor of love they do everyday.