We are former employees of St. Michaels Media / Church Militant who formed a fellowship in line with Rerum Novarum to save the apostolate from scandal and the corrupt board of directors.

On December 1, eight employees with over 35 years of collective service at Church Militant were forced out of the studios in Ferndale, Michigan, with seven of our group being escorted out by local police.

Our band of brothers was formed in light of the recent revelations that our former CEO Michael Voris had re-embraced the homosexual lifestyle while the Board of Directors attempted to cover it up.

On Friday, several of us spoke up during a pre-scheduled Church Militant meeting after hearing word that one of our members was laid off by a board vote.

Our group called for a mass walkout to all employees inside and outside the fellowship. In a 15 minute back and forth, we called for the board to step down for the following reasons:

1. Entertaining allowing Michael Voris, who seemingly groomed a former employee and lived a homosexual double life while posturing as a beacon of Christian virtue, to resume employment at Church Militant after he completes a 12-step program

2. Delaying naming a CEO beyond what is necessary to responsibly vet and appoint a successor

3. Advocating to deceive donors by putting out an official statement that Voris resigned due to health concerns

4. Turning on an employee for vigorously objecting to renewed Church Militant employment for Voris and to a deceptively worded statement explaining Voris’ resignation.

5. Failing to come up with a content plan that would ensure Church Militant’s future success.

6. Keeping Michael Voris on the board of directors as a nonvoting member

For years, under the guise of Christian obedience we were encouraged to defer to the apostolate’s CEO and Board of Directors. While dishing out low pay for the sake of the “mission,” the board oversaw the splashing of donor funds, the bashing of the Magisterium, and the declining morale in the workplace.

To all current and former Church Militant donors, we are regretful we did not succeed.

We have little doubt that St. Michaels Media / Church Militant will come at us with legal action. Two group members have already been contacted by Church Militant’s lawyer Kate Klaus.

The very cover-up tactics that Church Militant has railed against for 15 years are now being used against faithful former employees.

We firmly believe that to be a good Catholic organization, you must be run by good Catholics.

In our efforts to work for you and reveal the truth about Church Militant, we ask that you chip in whatever you can.

In light of our unexpected termination before Christmas, we ask the Christian community kindly lend us a hand during this difficult time.

In Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior,

The Fellowship