My name is Christine Generoux, along with my co applicants John and his son Vincent Perocchio, this is our plea for help, and a call to action for Canada’s millions of hunters, sport shooters, farmers, rural residents, firearm and historical collectors and all who support a strong and free Canada. It seems, the Government is using sophisticated law-fare techniques against our group, in an effort to silence us into submission, to bully, intimidate and bankrupt citizens, for daring to stand up for Canada’s cultural and historical firearm rights in Court.

We stood for our community, and now we need our community to stand to defend us.

To hear more details before donating to our cause, read on…………

On May 1 2020, when Parliament was prorogued due to covid 19, and Canada was reeling from the NS tragedy, Justin Trudeau took advantage of the situation to further the global disarmament agenda, by using a fiat style gun ban to prohibit thousands of common makes and models of rifles and shotguns, that are necessary and reasonable in use for our way of life in Canada, without notice ,evidence or the Parliamentary debate required.

My great grandfather was a trapper and guide in Algonquin Park, and owned many modern rifles, as did his wife who used the rifles to hunt for sustenance and defend their homestead against wild animals. My grandfather and great uncles owned many modern rifles as well their excellent marksmanship kept them alive in the trenches of WW2, my dad owned guns, I own guns and I want my children to have this birthright.  I am just a regular person who did not have the funds necessary to secure a team of good lawyers, so I had no choice but to represent myself, to stand up for my community, my culture and my country.

Seeing how our beloved firearm shops, cultural hubs, shooting ranges and clubs, are being forcibly destroyed and disappearing at an alarming rate, and wanting future generations to have the benefit of participation in their shooting heritage to keep Canada STRONG and FREE, I decided enough was enough, and launched a notice of constitutional question and application for judicial review against the seizure of our lawfully acquired property, and the deliberate destruction of Canada’s shooting heritage and culture.

For the last 4 years I have been fighting top government lawyers in the trenches of the Federal Court, as a self-represented applicant against this dangerous and unconstitutional order in council, and for the most part I’ve kept quiet about it. I don’t want to be in the public eye; I just want to live strong and free and assure this legacy will be passed to future generations of freedom loving Canadians as well.

The crux of our legal argument is that this OIC is an abuse of the scope and purpose of an OIC regulation, and is irrational, unreasonable and violates our liberty, and our property in a way that does not accord with the fundamental principles of justice, principles that Canada is built on. The Government’s own data proves there are many benefits provided to Canada, from our continued lawful possession of these firearms, and that we pose a risk to no one. Hunters and sport shooters are not some nameless faceless people. We are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, we are your neighbors, we are your children’s teachers, we are cooks, technicians, doctors, hair stylists and construction workers—we want to matter, we want to have equal benefit and treatment under the law. We don’t want to be imprisoned for protecting our property and participating in our shooting heritage. We are innocent.

Hunters, Farmers, Rural Canadians and Sportsman are not responsible for gun crime in Canada—if anything we help contribute to a safe and prosperous Canada.

It’s been a long and exhausting road, and as we traveled along we faced the full might of the radical left. They are well funded, well organized and make for a formidable foe. We, the gun owners, lost the final hearing and are in the process of appealing that injustice. We found out last week, that the Government is now claiming a punitive, threatening and outrageous bill of costs against our party, totaling over $151,000, which upon seeing made me feel physically ill.   

We of course, are opposing this insane bill of costs and taking it to the judge, but with the state of justice in this country and our experiences thus far we know, if we aren’t prepared to pay what is eventually ordered when all our appeals are exhausted, we could even loose our homes for daring to speak up, for daring to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves.

We knew in the beginning this would be an epic battle to save Canada but what we did not know when we entered into this fight, is that over the course of our unusual 3.5 year judicial review (which is usually a quick 9-12 month procedure in total) the Government would do every dirty trick in the book to delay our case, increase our costs and block us from seeing any evidence; we didn’t know that they would turn around and try to charge us for every minute and every dollar they deliberately wasted; we didn’t know that a bill this high was even possible for us (typical Federal Court tariff fess for a judicial review usually range from 5,000$ to 18,000$) and we didn’t know just what we were dealing with. This has been a David and Goliath fight the entire way through, the Department of Justice with unlimited funding and a corrupt media on their side against a few regular citizens on a shoestring budget.

We were led to believe by the Federal Court’s directive on increasing access to justice for lower income people, that our party would be protected from high costs and bankruptcy because we should qualify for public interest litigation standing. This standing is meant for groups such as ours, who can’t afford a lawyer, who are fighting for the rights of their community, and who aren’t financially profiting from the litigation. That’s my party’s situation; we meet all the legal criteria for obtaining this standing –yet the Government is seeking to financially destroy us and our families for daring to stand up to them. I pray the court won’t let them destroy us.

In the last 3.5 years we launched 3 injunction motions to delay the final firearm confiscation and criminal liability date, in order to protect hundreds of thousands of innocent Canadians, their families and businesses who could face bankruptcy and imprisonment upon expiry of the Amnesty Order. So far, we have managed to hold off the confiscation and criminal liability until 2025. That’s 3 years longer than Trudeau wanted us to keep our guns. We have defended dozens of motions in Court, missed work and family functions, attended dozens of case management conferences, attended hundreds of hours of cross examinations, suffered sleepless nights, early mornings, missed weekends and holidays with family and put all of our energy into this, because this fight for the survival of our community and culture means everything to us. We were even joined by the Attorney General of Alberta who stood beside us and intervened on our behalf.

Our party’s unique argument is that safely using and possessing these rifles and shotguns, as we have for nearly a century is an intrinsic and integral part of Canadian history, heritage and culture and there is no reason to destroy that. This cultural right is explicitly protected under the Criminal Code. We demonstrated that Canada’s hunters, farmers, sport shooters, shops, ranges and others are facing discrimination, and are legally, socially, emotionally and financially suffering from the effects of this OIC—and that this OIC provides no benefit to Canada but certainly harms us. The consequences of it, being damage to Canada’s national preparedness, Canada’s economy, the destruction of Canada’s proud shooting and hunting heritage and the unique culture which brings our communities together; this culture benefits Canada and Canadians greatly and does no real harm to anyone. That is a statistics Canada fact.

Throughout this journey I have been humbled and in awe of my community, the support, the resilience, the fellowship and the courage I have witnessed. My party managed to raise over 30,000$ for our court costs, other parties were able to raise millions, which allowed us to continue in this fight for Canadian firearm rights, all thanks to the generosity of our community and culture. Without your support we couldn’t continue fighting and from the amount of support we have received it appears our community is behind us all the way.

I wasn’t alone in this fight; I was grouped with 5 brave parties who put everything they had into defending our rights and property against this abusive and dangerous prohibition and are now facing a similar financial punishment.

I urge you please to give generously to our party’s funding account (and any of the other 5 parties if you can Ms. Parker from KKS tactical, The CCFR/Wolverine group, John Hipwell group, Michael Doherty et Al group  and the Jennifer Eichenburg et Al group)---so that we may keep defending Canada’s cultural firearm culture, heritage and rights and not be threatened into silence and compliance..

Christine Generoux, self rep.