Carolina Teachers Alliance Inc. (CTA) is a North Carolina corporation
registered with the NC Secretary of State since January, 2021.
Carolina Teachers Alliance Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity and
received tax exempt designation from the IRS effective January 20, 2021. 
Donations to us are tax deductible. 

Our activities focus on advancing our vision.

VISION: An unbiased, academically sound education
for all children. 
 MISSION: Empower and unify member teachers to provide unbiased sound content and to improve public school quality and literacy; provide affordable tutoring and online courses.

THE PROBLEMS: Many students in the US are being used as political pawns to advance a radical and wildly irrational agenda driven by politically-charged teacher unions. Worse yet, teachers who oppose or refuse to go along withare being harassed and/or fired. Student achievement is suffering as a result of classroom politicization. The promotion of radical social agendas are becoming the norm in America's public schools.



CTA was created to provide an educator association that supports academics-minded teachers who want to focus on educating their students, not on indoctrinating them with political agendas. We provide an alternative to the politically-charged associations in the Carolinas. Visit our website to learn more.


ATA is your national non-union educator association. We are the alternative to the national politically-charged unions. Our robust legal/insurance plan for school staff provides job protection and much more. Visit our website to learn more.



We started our program, American Tutors, to provide high-quality tutoring and online courses to students to help address learning loss from the pandemic. We sell asynchronous online courses that public school students may use to supplement instruction, or that homeschool students may use for certificates of completion for their transcripts. Some of our current course offerings include high school Math 1, high school Biology, Cursive Writing for all ages, and Ethics. All of our course creators are highly qualified and licensed in their areas of expertise. See our website for future course offerings. We are currently onboarding tutors across America who will tutor online, in person, or both. We plan to partner with American school districts as an educational services provider, to provide tutoring and online course offerings to struggling students.  Please visit our website to learn more.

Here are a few support quotes: “I am supportive of all groups that want to ensure that education is free from political agendas and are striving to give educators who are of the same mind an organization that will support them.“  -Mark Robinson, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina

“The more voices we bring to the table the better it is for public education as a whole. The newly-created Carolina Teachers Alliance brings together a group of teachers who have not always felt as though they had a seat at the table. I look forward to working with them and others to ensure that North Carolina continues to put our students first in every discussion.”  -Catherine Truitt, North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction

MEMBER BENEFITS – Better member benefits for a fraction of the cost!
•Professional liability insurance for educators including robust legal protection
•Professional Recognition: Teacher of the Month Awards/ Member Spotlight
•Member Rewards referral program
•Special Discounts for Building Reps
•Corporate discounts- huge selection of nationwide discounts in Retail, Travel, Attractions, Dining
•Advocacy – Members have a unified voice
•Professional Development- Free & discounted opportunities; academics-driven PD
•National Board-Certified Teacher mentor sessions
•Grant and Scholarship Opportunities 
•Free and discounted promotional merchandise
•Networking Events
•Curriculum Resources

•Every child deserves an unbiased, sound education that will prepare them to be productive American citizens.
•Teachers deserve high-quality academically-based professional development.
•Teachers deserve to have master’s degree pay, if their master’s degree is related to their teaching area. 
•Teachers need to have the freedom to teach patriotism and love of country, and should not be forced to deliver biased political indoctrination.
•Parents are partners, not obstacles, and should have a voice in their children’s education.
•We embrace diversity; racism is unacceptable, in any form.
•We believe in school choice but prioritize improving public school quality.
•America is the land of opportunity for all, regardless of race.
•Curriculum transparency is critical.

WHAT WE NEED: We need funds for basic operating expenses and advertising. Our North Carolina largest competitor has an annual revenue ofover $5 million per year. Our national competitors (national teacher unions with radical political agendaspublic schools) all have annual revenues well into the millions. We need support for publicity and marketing, to raise awareness and to grow our membership. We launched over a year ago, and we have been growing steadily with strong endorsements. 

Amy E. Marshall, M.Ed.
Executive Director, President Founder
Carolina Teachers Alliance Inc.
DBA American Teachers Alliance
DBA American Tutors
920 US HWY W PMB 110
APEX NC 27523