A New Home for Portal 220 Teen Center

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Goal: USD $500,000
Raised: USD $ 31,571

💫 The Portal 2:20 Teen Center is building a brand new facility near downtown Van Wert! 

The all new teen center will feature various video games, arcade games, pool tables, Foosball, air hockey, as well as various board and card games. Teens will be able to relax in our comfortable lounge area and enjoy foods from our concession stand and snack bar. The stage will be set for music, movies, karaoke, dancing and more! Our loft will be the ultimate combat arena for Nerf Wars and Laser Tag!

Portal 2:20 is not your typical youth experience- our volunteer staff interacts and engages teens in a way that helps share the love of Jesus while helping every teen know that they are Loved, Worthy, Valuable and Enough! 

Portal 2:20 is the ultimate place for teens to enjoy and will offer the community a fun, safe and positive place for teens to go and be themselves! 

❤️ Your contribution to our building fund  will be essential to making this vision a reality! We appreciate your support! ❤️

Find out more details about who we are and what we do by visiting our website: www.Portal220TeenCenter.org and you can also follow us on social media FB: @Portal220VanWert & IG: @Portal220 FB: @Portal220VanWert & IG: @Portal220 #Portal220TeenCenter and #PocketPortal

💫 Portal 2:20 Teen Center, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian entertainment ministry founded in 2015. Our purpose is to offer area teenagers a fun and safe place to hang out and be themselves while volunteers help encourage, mentor and be a living example of who Jesus is in order to speak life into the lives of teens.  Portal is not run by or affiliated with any specific church or denomination. We operate 100% by Christian volunteers and are funded by donations from area businesses, churches and individuals in our community.  

❤️ We operate with these two things in mind: 1. That every person is Loved, Worthy, Valuable and Enough and 2. That to change the behavior you must first change the heart, and the ONLY one who can change the heart is Jesus Christ.

Thank you for prayerfully donating to our cause and supporting our mission! ❤️


6th Year Anniversary Update!
February 20, 2023
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It feels like a long road but in all reality things have been going well behind the scenes! God is good! Today we celebrate 6 years in operation and we have been steadily moving forward! 

The donated property is officially ours! While we don't have an official address yet (that comes when we file for a building permit), we have the deed in hand, and we also have CAD designs for the building itself!! 

Next step is to take our designs to a few local builders for a final quote! We still believe that the costs will be around our $500,000 goal OR LESS!!  

Thank you for all your prayers, our youth are so important and we are excited to see what God has planned for our community! 

Property Update!
July 6, 2022
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In case you haven't been following us on social media (what are you waiting for!?), we have exciting news about the location where our new facility will be built!  There is a piece of property that has recently changed ownership, and the new owners have decided to have a portion of this property divided off and DONATED to the Portal 2:20 Teen Center as the location for our new building!!  We are so beyond excited and blessed that God is providing for us!  Meantime we are (not always so patiently) waiting for all the details of this donation to be carried out. As soon as we have the final details in writing, we will reveal the exact address of this property- but for now, just know that it is located near downtown Van Wert, OH within walking & biking distance to the Goedde Building, Eggers High School Stadium and will be in full view of Main Street! Have YOU seen our sign yet? If so let us know!!

God has a plan... one step at a time!  


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