My husband Bryan was arrested on December, 13th 2022, and was released on a 10,000 bond. He attended the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally, which forever changed the fabric of his and his family’s life. It costs in excess of $100,000 to hire a private defense attorney (justice is not cheap), which proved way beyond our means. Bryan hired an attorney when the FBI went to his work and started asking questions about him to his supervisors and collogues. However that 10,000 dollar retainer has been exhausted. Now that a federal warrant was served and he's been charged he will need to pay for his defense in Washington D.C. We are trusting God for the most favorable outcome of his trial, but no date has been set at this point. Whatever thoughts you hold on the events of January 6th, I’m certain we can agree on the egregious violations of due process rights guaranteed by the Constitution that must be afforded to every American. It is deeply appreciated if you can stand in the gap and cover Bryan in prayers of protection. If you can please assist his family financially, we thank you and God bless you