Please donate to the Brown family for the extra unexpected expenses after their daughter, Aida had a snowboarding accident at Copper Mtn in CO. She was transported to Denver hospital and was monitored overnight. Carey is with her now after getting a last minute flight. The average hospital stay is about $15K and flights and an ambulance ride added on to that are also an expense. I set the goal to $20K to hopefully cover everything.

If they end up with more than needed though, if anyone knows this family, it will surely go to helping others in need. They are constantly giving of themselves and have the most generous hearts that I was able to personally witness even during a short stay with them recently. I am so confident this family is highly honored in the kingdom for their hearts to heal and bless others. Let's take the opportunity to support and honor them when they themselves are in a time of need, and maybe even bless above and beyond! Thank you wonderful friends and loved ones of the Brown family!