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“The Gospel of Jesus should be free.” This was the message God put on my heart in 2019 when He called me to quit my job. He called me into full time ministry with no sure income other than His assurance of help in due season. On January 7th, 2020 I obeyed, and have been busy about the Lord’s business for the last 3 years.

As a family of 6 (Melissa, and our four kids: Arianna, Kohen, Elise, and Javen), my wife and I have given our all to share the love and truth of Jesus. We have not hid the Gospel behind a pay wall. To do so would displease the Lord and rob those less fortunate of the much needed truth about the love of God. Therefore, everything we do has been for free.

Because of our love for God and willingness to put it all on the altar for His Name and kingdom, we have emptied our savings and spent over $39,000 to continue this much needed and utilized work. We have also had wonderful people on the way donate to our ministry and walk this path with us. We are hoping you will be one of them. We have learned that a select few understand the true value and calling of this kind of ministry lifestyle.

We do not want this to be about us. We want it to be all about God- those He seeks in unorthodox ways and the people in love with Him so much that they join in to make it happen.  Let’s be honest: if not us, then God will find another family. If not you, then God will find someone else. But that’s the point. I want so badly for it to be my family. I hope you want it to be you also.  Then together, the senders and goers will reap a heavenly harvest of souls.

We have financially given everything that we can. We have given all we have for this calling and now we must look to the Body of Christ more fully to help partner with meeting the needs of this ministry. This way, we can continue to go on meeting the needs of the lost, the found, and hurting people. With our Podcast and websites, we have created a global outreach. Even into restricted countries like China and Saudi Arabia. From street ministry to local Bible studies, we have been very effective for the kingdom of God.

I don’t want you to take my word for it. I have included Testimonies below of people we have helped. I have also included links to prove that everything is free in this ministry. This way you can feel confident when you donate that what you’re giving to the Lord is for the continuation of His work.

We are seeking support for 6 months of ministry work. We live a very Spartan lifestyle and can make life and ministry work at $1,700 a month. We are asking for $12,000- this way after we pay tithes, the ministry is covered for the next 6 months. When we meet this goal, or even smaller goals, we continue to march boldly forward carrying the banner of Christ.


All Outreaches Are Free Of Charge:

All Our Podcasts Are Free.



My Book: Almost 100k Words, a 45-day devotional, is also free as a PDF and Online.



All Our Music Is Free.



All Our Bible Studies, PDF, & Videos Are Free On Our Main Website.


We Hold An Open Bible Study On Thursdays Using “Jitsi Meet”.

I also do Street Ministry, having given out well over 10,000 Gospel tracts person to person.

We want to include Testimonies and examples of work being accomplished for Jesus.

Great Testimony Of A Person We Helped With Alcoholism.


Overview Of Past Ministry Activities.




- Lorian Guillaume

“Brother Lance and his family's ministry have and continue to be a tremendous blessing to me. I first discovered them through the Christian Soul Prepper podcast and being fascinated, challenged, offended, and encouraged all at the same time by the truths shared, I downloaded and completed the e-book devotional "We Shall Be Like Him" (that Brother Lance wrote and gives away for free!) I regularly join the weekly online Bible Study sessions that he hosts and receive great biblical insights and answers to my faith questions. I listen to the spiritual, pumped-up music produced by Brother Lance (also downloadable for free!) to stay motivated in the Lord. These are just a few of Brother Lance's resources that have significantly benefited my spiritual growth in Christ.


Brother and Sister Lance often call, text, and pray with and for me, and their family ministry has committed to supporting me financially until I get back on my feet. They have even offered to house me in case I ever need a place to stay. They not only care about my spiritual needs, but my physical too, just like Jesus demonstrated we should while He was on earth. I thank God for using this family to lift me up and also hold me accountable to His commands. Please do partner financially with their generous ministry and I can assure you that your contributions would not just stay with them, but bleed onto many others like myself. Thank you so much and God bless you with abundant peace, joy, and love!”

- Cody Brockelman

“I've known Lance and his family for well over a decade. Lance has never wavered in his love for God and Christ, nor has his family.  I have personally benefited on multiple fronts from Lance and his family’s generosity and all of their kindness stems from their faith.  Every one of us that Lances imparts wisdom to is as much a part of his family as we can be.  If you ever wanted to feel loved and truly accepted for exactly who you are, then there is no need to look any further than Brother Lance's ministry.  The truth of the Bible lies within Lance's teachings, not the pomp and circumstance you find in most conventional churches today.  What Brother Lance says he will do is what he does.  I've never known him to do anything in life merely "half-way."  With Brother Lance, everything is "all-or-nothing" and that is how he treats the ministry.  If he isn't going to put all of himself into the ministry, then it isn't going to exist.”

- Angel Heiskell

“Brother Lance and his ministry came into our lives about four and a half years ago. After we got to know him and his family over a couple years, the Lord put it on our hearts to open up our home for him to hold ministry through the internet. The sermons that the Lord has prepared him to teach have been mighty and powerful.

 He started teaching us and the Lord opened up a whole new world of learning because I was hungry for the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It seemed what I was learning from church was just spinning my wheels, not getting anywhere, and was empty teaching- they were missing something.”

I have never met such an honest and completely sold-out husband and wife for the Lord. God has richly blessed their lives, along with mine. God has used Brother Lance in such a deep and blessed way. He has touched many lives all around the world with his writings and his work that the Lord has put on his heart. He has been given an amazing insight into the kingdom of God because he is truly obedient, and sacrifices have been made for comfort and having things, to do God's work. He and his family are the most loving and kind family. They walk in the presence of the Lord. One of the things that I love, honor, and respect about him, his wife, and their family, is how he and his wife practice what they teach. They have showed me through the Bible and through living, to be obedient to God and keep the Commandments of God- that this is God's character. And by doing so, this has opened up the door to the kingdom of God.

The Bible Studies that are being preached and the teachings have changed my life and even my 89 year old father, who loves Brother Lance's work.

God truly uses him. Brother Lance and his family don't live in a lavish home or have expensive things. They have sacrificed everything for God and they are very humble people that live obediently and trust God for all their needs. I praise God for using Brother Lance and his family, and for the ministry that God has allowed us to play a part in by opening our home for the ministry.

- Mike White

“My testimony is that it's amazing when you let the Holy Spirit guide you and teach you. I was not a good person until I let Jesus in my life. I lost my wife in August 2015 and my brother-in-Christ, Brother Lance, was there for me. It's amazing how God puts people in our path to comfort us. Brother Lance and I used to work together, and he was there when my wife passed to help me. He went out to lunch one day, and he bought me a Bible and some Gospel music. He would check on me every day and we would pray together. Then my daughter passed away in December 2017, and Brother Lance was the first person I called to pray for me. I know that they are in a much better place, but I owe a lot to our Lord and Savior, and Brother Lance for their love! Amen!”

Praise God for allowing us to be used by Him. To God is the glory!

How The Donations Will Be Utilized! (4 Fold Donating)

1.       5% will be given back to “Give Send Go” to support their ministry.

2.       5% will be donated to “The Voice Of The Martyrs” and given to other outreach ministries.

3.       The rest will go to keeping the financial obligations met to keep us doing ministry full time.

4.       In turn, helping the “Body Of Christ” grow in the Lord and seeking the lost and hurting.

Thank You for taking the time to read over this information. If you have any questions or concerns, by all means, reach out. Please feel free to visit and download everything from our websites that you feel would help your walk with God. As noted, it is all free. Thank You also for sharing this “Give Send Go” with your friends and family.

Brother Lance McClintock