"Broken Planet" is embarking on an exciting journey taking "The Absurd Cabaret of Apocalyptic Proportions" to the Edinburgh Fringe!

Why? Despite ever evolving digital connection, we seem more divided than ever. 

Broken Planet is here to bring us together..

To put the humility back into humanity..

To provide space to rediscover the good in everyone and everything around us.

It gives permission to misbehave, encourages us to take ourselves less seriously, and reminds us of the light in the dark. 

To embrace our imperfections, through the power of laughter, dancing, joking... and farts.

A unique celebration blending comedy, circus, indie music, and all things ridiculous!
With your support in transatlantic expansion, help us bring the cosmic traveler Clown God and array of wonderfully weird guest artists to free the poor lost souls gathering at the worlds greatest theater festival.

Your contribution will help us get there by literally covering our plane tickets and accommodation!
Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to Saving the World.

Will you join Broken Planet in bridging personal, communal, and global divide through this transformative production? 
Thank you.
Here We Go!