Hi I’m Brit Galvin. I am a mom of 3, deputy wife, sister, daughter, professional and just a normal 36 year old woman. In May 2021 I received my second Moderna vaccine so that I could get back to work and those around me would feel safe, as my job requires face to face meetings with business owners and their staff. We were on a stay at home order at my job for over a year. I suffer from RA, however my rheumatologist would not provide me an exemption.  I believed I was doing the rght thing, what was asked of me. 
Unfortunately, my body wasn't able to tolerate the vaccine. Four hospital stays, 1 ambulance, 24 doctors, and many many tests later- I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre involving small fiber damage, POTS, Pericarditis, gastroparesis, and more. I developed a CSF leak from the spinal tap and required a blood patch as well. Over the last eight months I have been fighting and holding strong- telling my story on instagram. I have been shamed, humiliated, targeted, bullied, gaslit, and most recently- deleted from instagram for being vocal. Yet, I have maintained my strength to speak up. Unfortunately, the advice and treatments that I have taken has not healed me completely. I have been successful with some treatments such as CBD, Red light therapy, IVIG, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and IV therapy. Red light saunas, supplimental protocols and cleanses, bio active silver and more. However, the symtoms continue to attack. I have head pain that is undescribable, my legs and feet go numb, my muscles spasm with incredible pain, my vision is blurry at times and my entire body is inflamed. My short term memory and ability to put things together is decreasing daily. I have experienced tremors, inability to walk, stuttering, nose bleeds, GI instability, weight gain, and severe back pain. My heart pain is something I have never imagined could be at 36 years old. It shoots icredible pain throughout my chest and arm. My heart rate has improved, but still rises rapidly when I stand, causing syncope. I am walking again, and that is a blessing from God, but I am still suffering. 
After MUCH refusal, embarrassment, humility and (quite frankly) feelings of defeat…. I am humbling myself to ask for the help that SO MANY of you have pushed me to ask for.
Everyone I know who is V injured by this has a gofundme and I never could do it. I felt too prideful. I FEEL too prideful. I’ve been blessed enough to have red light therapy donated to me by @dr.lisakoche and the protocol from @rootcauseclinic. My cbd was donated to me by @nuvitacbd…. but the remainder of every treatment has been on my shoulders. The hospital copays, deductibles, medications, IV therapies, red light saunas and the gazillion supplements I’ve been told to try. Not to mention my loss of pay due to being down. It’s devastating what is in front of me and I’m severely overwhelmed.
This is super embarrassing for me, so please be kind. Thank you. ❤️ I am grateful for your prayers, love, affection and support. Thank you!