The times are trying for many Americans, especially older Americans. With the coming of Obamacare a dozen years ago, Bret Roush was priced out of his healthcare. He continued on “Pay-as-you-go” healthcare.

Bret suffered a heart attack last year and continues to be on oxygen to keep his heart pumping. He was told that he is in Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and should have more testing and possible surgery to strengthen his health.

Bret has to pay off the current medical bills before he can schedule the first test, which will cost several thousand dollars by itself. They will then be able to determine the course of treatment that he needs, and potential surgery. Surgery might include angioplasty or bypass surgery.

This is in addition to the ongoing payments for the oxygen, monthly checkups and medication, which together currently run over $350.00 per month.

He has switched to a medical co-op system for the monthly checkups, as he cannot afford the astronomical fees for a regular cardiologist.

Without adding in the potential costs for future surgery, the current expenses which include a nuclear stress test, total nearly $15,000. This amount will also help him through the next several months of maintenance payments.

It has been nearly a year since his heart attack and is no closer to getting the tests scheduled. Bret is a strong Christian and has been praying that he did not have to ask for help.

Since it will be many more months before he can finish paying the current fees and go to the next step in his treatment, we have decided that we should ask fellow Christians for any help and prayers they can share.