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Boxes with Love to Zimbabwe


For 40 years Frontline Fellowship has been delivering Boxes with Love to destitute people in Zimbabwe, particularly pensioners, prisoners and pastors seeking to serve the suffering. Catastrophic communist policies have led to disastrous inflation, over 90% of the population being unemployed and  widespread hunger. More than half of the total population of Zimbabwe have fled the country. Many of the aged are economic prisoners, unable to leave and unable to afford even basic food and medicine. So many have wept with joy to receive a visit and a box of life-saving food and medicines. For just $30 we can fill a box with non-perishable food and hygiene items which can bless, encourage and practically help people who are in desperate need. By God's grace our missionaries have delivered thousands of these Boxes with Love throughout the country of Zimbabwe bringing hope and cheer to many long-suffering people. These are some of the responses we have received: "I thought that I was completely alone and forgotten. I did not know that anyone cared."; "Thank you so very much for coming and caring. You have put so much into this box. It will be sustaining me for the next month."; "We get so very few visitors. You're the first visitor I've had for over a year."; "What you have put in this box, we could not afford, and most of it is not even available in Zimbabwe!"; "Please tell the people who made this possible that the pensioners in Bulawayo are very grateful and will be praying for you. God bless and reward you for your thoughtfulness and generosity."

What each box contains:

1 Sugar

2 Salt

3 Rice

4 Corned Meat

5 Sweetcorn

6 Ricoffy

7 Tea

8 Condensed Milk

9 Biscuits (Eet-sum-mor)

10 Soya Mince

11 Shredded Tuna

12 Peanut Butter

13 Soup

14 Washing Powder

15 Protex Soap

16 Dettol

17 Vaseline

18 Zam-Buk medicinal ointment

19 Colgate toothpaste

20 Toothbrush

21 Tang Plus powdered drink

22 Peanuts & Raisins

23 Energy Bar

24 Fizzer

25 Bar One chocolate

26 Chomp chocolate

27 Black pen

28 Gospel booklets

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