On Tuesday August 8th, the Bogosian Family along with many others were evacuated from their home in Lahaina due to brush fires rapidly spreading with hurricane force winds. They were able to take refuge at Nicole’s parents home, however only grabbed the clothes on their backs and nothing more. They thought in a matter of hours or at most the next morning they would return to their home when the fires were under control and life would go on as usual. As the evening progressed the fire spread rapidly, and in a matter of hours the whole town including their home was lost to the fire. Everything was lost. Every item of sentimental value, every piece of clothing, every toy, and thousands of dollars of equipment Nicole uses on a daily basis for her cancer treatment. Just like that their lives are changed forever. No home, nothing to their name, no school for their daughter to return to. Devastation seems to light of a word to use in this circumstance. Currently they are still taking refuge at their parents home and that’s where they will likely stay for the foreseeable future, there hasn’t been power for days, and we have minimal contact with them. What we do know is that they will need our support. This family has faced so much these past few years, with Nicole’s devastating cancer diagnosis, life has been hard as it is. Anything you can give to support them in getting back on their feet and clothes on their backs would be greatly appreciated. 

With Love,

Jen Ketter (Nicole’s sister)