Blessing the Taylor Family

Campaign Created by: Darla Lucero

The funds from this campaign will be received by Amy Emmerich.

Goal: USD $150,000
Raised: USD $ 79,196

Dear friends of many, the Mark and LisaTaylor family, as well as a friend, were caught in the Friday, December 23rd  50 car pile up on the Ohio Turnpike enroute to a family Christmas. Taken to different hospitals, it was emotionally charged not knowing of each other's status, besides experiencing their own injuries.  Many will be their unexpected expenses, and they, like many of the others, are not near family.  We just want to come alongside them in a tangible way, and thought many of you may want to do the same.  Thank you for however you can join this effort.

Also, GiveSendGo is free, but it allows for some of the donation to go back to them for helping to keep it accessible to many, so I set it up for a 5% gift to them.  Keep that in mind when determining your donation.


Update #14
January 28, 2023
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Hello everyone, as you can imagine there are many things for five people to work through who have experienced a horrible tragedy together, practical things to take care of that most of us take for granted in day to day living, and recovery in varied areas.  Thank you for your understanding that we do not put out more of a personal update just yet; we do ask that you continue to pray for God's covering over each day.  God bless you as you serve as part of the Taylor Team in this way.

Update #13
January 18, 2023
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Each and every one of you, your thoughts, your prayers, your notes on this page are absolutely priceless because they come from your heart.  We will update a bit more on the family soon.  Letting them get settled into "home", spend time with family and relatives a bit, and then we'll fill you in a bit more.  We so appreciate you and your sacrifice of blessing this family.

Update #12
January 14, 2023
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What you have done, through God's power!!...they are all in MI!

We have wanted to update you for a few days now, but things were being updated upon the updates, and we wanted to be sure of what we were saying, and saying them respectfully.  So we apologize if anyone got impatient waiting for word.

In Mark's Words, "something happened overnight" and Jacob was on his way to a hospital near their MI home on Friday.  Hallelu YAH!  I have included the restaurant's site where Lisa has been doing some recent updating, so you can follow there.  SO many nearby friends are responding to most recent needs and Jacob is able to have close friends visiting, just a few at a time, but it's more than he had in Ohio!  Such a healing blessing.  (If you would like to visit any of the family, please send me a message here and I can put you together with the person coordinating visitors.  There are a few restrictions, so we are trying to help them honor those.)

THANK YOU for the continued increase in this fund.  So many unknowns will be presenting themselves along the way, so your heartfelt generosity is giving them comfort that they may be able to meet those needs.  You are appreciated more than you know, but you can probably imagine! 

Deuteronomy 15 talks about the year of Jubilee and how others should take care of those in need in these times.  I think one verse states the blessing beautifully:  verse 10 "You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging when you give to him, because for this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake"  That promise is for all of you who have given/will (continue to) give, will pray/continue to pray

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Update #11
January 9, 2023
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LOL, well I am still learning how to use this thing efficiently...I thought it would be uplifting for contributors who mentioned they were praying to get an updated response.  Much to my surprise, each one showed up on the front page!

So to all of our pray-ers...You are part of this miracle we are all witnessing.  Please continue to pray for strength as they move into the rehab stages! Thank you!  ; )

Also, there are several people connected to this support group that "pray without ceasing" and hear from God very clearly.  One contacted me to say she heard God say TWICE "raise the goal to $150,000"   We have all learned that when God seems to speak, we check it with friends; when He repeats whatever it is, you'd better listen.  I chafed a bit since we just raised it, but what if God is tugging on someone's heart to give BIG.  What blessing would be lost if someone gave anyway, putting us way over, but we didn't trust Him enough to go big and watch Him meet it?  SO, when you see that big number, instead of questioning why, let's just praise God because HE wants to do a BIG, AUDACIOUS thing and show off His love and care, and His authority in this time.  Go God!

There are rehab appointments starting, some extended family coming/going, some totally exhausted minds and hearts, classes beginning, so much that will need strength emotionally, physically and mentally, so please pray over these needs and thank you for being part of "TheTaylorTeam"!

Update #10
January 7, 2023
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Does Lansing ever love the Taylors!...on so many levels.  I just returned from taking posters around to businesses on Saginaw and Grand River Avenue.  WOW, they were ready to help.  One guy even asked me for a few more because he has buddies who have businesses!  Hallelu-YAH  Please keep praying that this fund will grow exponentially because the needs are SO great and WILL continue for a long while.

We were able to get a family member (Lisa's sister) on the recipient side of the fund now, so there's more of a direct connection to getting the funds where they need to be.

Please keep praying for the family bond for the Taylors.  It is hard to be in different places yet again.  Yes a couple are home and resting well, out of the hospital atmosphere, which we all know is so much better.  Efforts are being made to get the others in MI, as well.  We will keep you as updated as we can.

Update #9
January 5, 2023
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Specific prayer points for the Prayer Army today:

~ Safe, uneventful travels home for those coming home; comfortable riding and angels beside, around, above, underneath

~calming of emotions as some leave and some stay; has to be hard after just being together

~continued care, setting of needed appointments for follow up with divinely appointed doctors

~REST for those who are doing so much to come around each need.  It is taxing, emotional and we pray that clarity rule their minds and ears.

~BLESSING to those who have prepared the house in a very quick manner: awesome neighbors and amazing workman/friends.
~and you may put on some praise music and sing it with the Taylors in mind:  we know God sent the Levite's out before the armies, He sent them out in the front at Jericho; did you even know the angels that came to the Bethlehem shepherds at Jesus' birth were in armor?  If you check your interlinear Bible/Bible app, G4756 - the word used in Greek is "stratia" which means "an army, troops of heaven"!!  God sent out the host of warriors to announce His Son's coming with SINGING.  If God did it, we should too!  Let's go for it, Taylor Troops

Update #8
January 4, 2023
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Oh friends, though it may be guarded good news, there is some good happening. Keep praying!!

Some family members have actually been discharged and will stay nearby, some will come home.  Please, for OBVIOUS REASONS,  DO NOT plan on visiting or going to welcome them right now; we just want to share answers to the prayers you are praying.  Plans change frequently as circumstances all have to be thought through, and when they have, something else can come up.

An amazing surprise came from a note received by one of our ladies coordinating contacts:  an emergency worker wanted to let the Taylors know he has not stopped praying for them.  WOW, how wonderful for someone to reach out.  Many were the workers who tirelessly gave of themselves.  We know they, too, carry the victims they work with in their minds and hearts.  Thank you to each and every one!

So let's just please REJOICE in this news of discharge for now, keep praying and sharing and we'll all welcome them in a future time.  This prayer team is awesome and you are appreciated!

Update #7
January 4, 2023
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I heard from a couple people that they have not shared this site to their "public community" yet, only to close friends.  They are going to do that sometime soon, so I am raising the bar once again.  And I have reached out to several ministries I know to ask for prayer for the Smiths and the Taylors, but to also ask if they may consider sharing the two funds.  YES, there are many needs in many places across our land, but this is an entire family with a family business that the family won't be able to open for a while, and the legacy of a precious young adult, so we need many more to add to this effort and keep being creative about where we share the story.  My motto is "all they can say is 'no', but you won't know until you know."

I came across this passage in Scripture where young King Josiah discovers how his forefathers have NOT kept the Mosaic Law or festivals.  His heart was toward his people and he knew many of them would not be able to provide for the needed Passover sacrifices, so HE provided for them himself!  His officials saw his compassion and they joined his effort.  WOW.  As people see what's happening here, and hear more of the needs to come, I believe they will follow your lead and join this growing family.

 2 Chronicles 35

"Josiah provided for all the lay people who were there a total of thirty thousand lambs and goats for the Passover offerings, and also three thousand cattle—all from the king’s own possessions.  His officials also contributed voluntarily to the people and the priests and Levites. Hilkiah, Zechariah and Jehiel, the officials in charge of God’s temple, gave the priests twenty-six hundred Passover offerings and three hundred cattle.  Also Konaniah along with Shemaiah and Nethanel, his brothers, and Hashabiah, Jeiel and Jozabad, the leaders of the Levites, provided five thousand Passover offerings and five hundred head of cattle for the Levites. The service was arranged and the priests stood in their places with the Levites in their divisions as the king had ordered."

Imagine the oneness that brought to their community.  Many of us are talking about how we so appreciate each member of the "TaylorTeam".  YOU are part of that when you pray, give, tell, and pray again.  Let's celebrate the GOD Who is doing an amazing work through this all and watch Him meet this raised bar!

Update #6
January 2, 2023
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10 days ago, the Taylor's and Smith's worlds changed forever.  All of you coming alongside of both families has made this a miracle of an effort.  Along with the financial and prayer support, people are cleaning in both the home and the restaurant, signs are being posted at Fidler's so people will know who may not be aware, cards are starting to come in which is a great encouragement to them all.  (Please let your prayers for the Smith family continue on!)

Several of the family members got to see each other for the first time today.  Please pray for all the jumbled emotions that come with this visit.  And there will be many more needed prayers in these next months.  Physical, emotional therapy, as well as physical or occupational rehabilitation is in their future.  It is not clear when the restaurant will be able to open. So I am bold to ask again, if you have given once,  thank you!  If you can come back and give again, at any time, that would bless them also.  Each and every gift you have given means so much.  We just want everyone to be aware that this is a   l o n g,  costly   journey for them.

More extended family are with them now and exploring what the next steps will be.  Prayers for wisdom are needed and appreciated.

Update #5
December 29, 2022
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 WOW, I said, praise sessions are continual at our home over all that you are doing in prayers and donations and SHARES!!

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus."  Phillipans 4:19 from the BIBLE

 Some of the Taylor family are just becoming aware of your generosity; they are so surprised at how many of you are not recognized or are from places they don't know in our country and around the world.  AMAZING.

 Surgeries have been  successful thus far, some healing miracles are already being reported, as well as miracles of how the five family members survived  (we say this with the absolute realization of EmmaSmith's death and many people who have donated here have gone to donate in her family's fund and are praying for them).

 Closest of friends are starting to visit the Taylors at the two hospitals a few at a time, and just a few days a week.  It is important for the family to rest, but they are such people persons that they "need" a few visitors.  So that is a blessing.  Please pray for wisdom in their welcoming friends, taking calls, looking online at social media or news... so that their mind and body may use its fullest capacity to heal well.  

 We thank you for whatever you have done, can do, can repeat since we reiterate that this will be a long haul and they will need ongoing physical and financial support !

Update #4
December 27, 2022
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Yep!  As we are finding out more of the extent of healing that is going to have to take place in the next weeks, and we know we cannot pray wimpy prayers or have wimpy goals (can't take credit for that; it's from our pastor)!

We have a big God, and sometimes we don't understand just how ALL-mighty He is.  He knows the needs, He knows they are great and HE has determined to let all of us be a part in showing the world how beautiful the hearts of His people are.  This is a testimony to the hearts of Americans who are proud to come around and help others, and this is a testimony to the God Who is using us to support the Taylors.  People have already been moved toward each other and toward the Lord as they see this crowd funding happening.  We daily have praise sessions at our house because of what you all are doing.  

We see the ugly underside of the needlepoint, but God sees the whole picture and He sees something beautiful.  Let's believe for that with Him.   Things are very rough for the Taylor's and they need us to lift them up to God daily.  We need miracles, BIG miracles, so let's believe for those.

Please be lifting up Emma's family and friends in these difficult days.  If you can, please go to the gofundme site and look up Emma Smith.  Read about her and pray over that energy and joy of Emma to stay with the family and the Love they shared to carry the family through these next months.  If you can, please donate to her funeral expenses.  Thank you EVERYONE!

Update #3
December 26, 2022
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Dear Visitors, Some have asked why we are doing this, when insurance may come into play.  Please understand that their needs will be many and varied, and unforeseeable for months to come.  ALSO, Fidler's on the Grand has blessed so many people and it is their family's focus, and therefore their income is exclusively from the restaurant.  Obviously, that will be impacted greatly and they will need help for a while. (If you own a small business, you know what I mean.)

Realizing the extent of their injuries now, the $20K goal we started with seems small.  Please feel free to continue sharing this link on any social media, share their story with people you talk to around town and ask for prayers for the miracles the Taylors and Smiths need, and come back to donate at a later time if you can.  I am bold to ask because they mean so much to so many and their needs are monumental.

Thank you for everything you all are doing.  It is so appreciated!

Update #2
December 25, 2022
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You all are causing some praise sessions around our house. May you be blessed for all YOU are doing.  As we share the burden of this incident with the Taylors, you will encourage their spirits and cause healing for their mind and body and spirit.  And we are watching it happen on Christmas weekend when you all could be busy with so many other things; your few minutes to help meet this goal truly comes from the heart.  Thank you

And YES, we talked about putting together a meal train for when they come home, so keep a watch out for that too.  Even if you are out of town or state, you can participate by ordering online for them out of suggestions put on the mealtrain site.  This will be an ongoing effort for a while!  A Blessed Christmas to you all.

Update #1
December 25, 2022
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The last word is the family is in two hospitals; please pray the friend who came along is located soon.  Injuries seem to be so varied in extent and severity.  Please pray for troopers/police who had to deal with snarly messes in small towns with diverted traffic or highway traffic, please pray for those who lost loved ones, pray for the exhausted medical teams/EMTs, hospital chaplains who came in to work to meet needs of all of the above.  So many were/are effected/affected.

Thank you to each one of you who has given and SHARED.  The FB shares amaze me as much as your generous hearts.  Thank you and God keep us all aware of the precious gift we have been given in this life!  The Taylor family certainly lives that out, helping SO many in ways many are not aware of; thank you for being part of giving back to them.  Darla Lucero


  • That we can meet and even exceed needs this family will have in the time to come
  • HEALING in miraculous steps!
  • Wisdom for family members who are working to help the Taylors make decisions and find information