American Patriots, Laura Bartlett  and Jodi Hadsell (Creators of, one of the top Covid Websites in the world) launched a curated box of OTC supplements and tools to help keep people out of the hospitals and safely at home. 

The shopping service was called Defense Boxes, the "Worlds First Viral Urgent Care Kit."

Within approx. 6 months every single payment processor had either cancelled or froze their account. No explanation given by all but STRIPE. They were denied service unless they complied to the demand of removing 2 very common supplements found virtually on every store shelf: Melatonin and NAC.

Bartlett and Hadsell refused to comply and feel they were targeted, banned and harassed as a result.

ABOUT Laura Bartlett and Jodi Hadsell
Early 2020, at the beginning of Covid, friends, Laura Bartlett and Jodi Hadsell built a website and platform known as The website provided much needed covid info, positive testimonials, patient rights and advocacy info, and a network of trusted covid telemedicine providers in all 50 states.