Central Massachusetts' scrappiest soccer team needs your help!  We recently started an indoor soccer team and are competing against teams/ cities with far greater resources/experience than us.   Despite that, the Black Cats won the championship in their first session.  However, as the team continues to grow, we need help keeping the costs to play affordable (it costs $1200 per 8-week indoor session) for our families.  We also need help to get better equipment, practice fields, fees for tournaments, etc. 

What started as a fun way to play soccer in the winter has turned into something most of our our kids want to do year-round.  This program helps keep our kids involved in positive activities, keeps them off their screens, and helps to keep them active.  This team truly loves the game and works incredibly hard every week.  

Eventually, we would like to expand to more age groups, enter more tournaments, host soccer camps, develop peer mentorships, and more.  

Please donate what you can and share on your social media!  

Link to our Facebook page coming soon!