Phase 1 – Visits to children & Deliveries of donated vital needs (ongoing)

We’re a small group of soul winners visiting children at the poorest villages in suburban areas of Posadas, Misiones (Argentina). It all began back in 2015 by knocking on doors, asking mothers to gather used clothes and shoes from their children’s closets, and saying to them, we would deliver everything personally to children in need. The response was so good, we had to go back to our knees to find out how Jesus would have us deliver so much stuff.

The answer was to visit places in downtown Posadas, asking to place a small donation box on counters and by the cash registers. We were surprised with 92% responsiveness! Just imagine: Literally all authorities such as local Police, fire station, hospitals & clinics, Border Patrol, Navy, Army, Federal Police and all government buildings, large mega stores, shopping centers, mom & pops of all sorts, boutiques, restaurants, hair salons, pharmacies, etc.

The premise has been the same since day one: “Please let moms know they can also call this number with clothes, shoes, cribs, mattresses, etc. We’ll pick-up at their home and deliver directly to the kids”.

We preach the Gospel inside each and every one of these locations, so folks are well aware of what our mission is: Serving The Lord with our testimony as we share The Word with people in downtown, while helping the kids at the villages, as we teach them to put all their trust in Jesus. 
Upon five years of experience visiting these children, we’ve learned that clothes and shoes are certainly ongoing necessities. So this aspect needs to continue being met. But we constantly see serious malnutrition cases. It’s evident that better food, richer in proteins and vitamins is needed at once. Thus, the added effort is:

Phase 2 – In-house farming for better food to go with current deliveries

: The development of tilapia fish farming and growing of organic veggies & fruits, in conjunction with the cooking help of volunteer mothers who currently partipate. We find this to be a reachable goal enabling us to deliver ready-to-eat healthy meals exclusively for children at each of the villages we already visit regularly.
Location & Land area: The 2.5 acre lot we obtained from the German Consulate. The Deputy Consul, Dr. Christian Kegler, secured legal permission for this cause. Since he required us to have a legal entity in order to draw the documents, we opened a non-profit civil association here in Argentina.
Resources on hand: In the process of time, folks have donated lots of things to start this project. The Municipality of Posadas, besides massively featuring 30 donation boxes throughout the building, they’ve expressed readiness to provide free trucking transportation for any building materials. The Dept. of Social Development Services has tried getting us resources but economic conditions haven’t been favorable. However, they’re ready to send out construction personnel as soon as we have the materials. The office of the Vice-Governor of Misiones rewarded us with a starter kit including a shovel, rake, peak, pincer, garden clippers, pliers, machete and a garden hose. The Ministry of Agriculture offers to provide us with free seeds and organic starter plants. And the Department of Fisheries will be coming out to give us onsite training, and promised to give us free baby fish fry to get started. One of the megastores already donated 22 shipping pallets. We ran out of storage space, so they are saving a lot more pallets for us to pick-up on our way to breaking ground. So we have plenty of wood. And finally, there’s a huge bamboo bush inside the lot, which is always helpful to create planting divisions, vertical support and various sorts of shading structures.

We still need:

Not much really! Your current donations will be used to purchase fencing materials, electric installation materials, and the water irrigation system, hoses, tank and pump.

Our track record:

As of today, we've visited about 40 different villages, just over 460 separate times!
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