Two Missions Become One in God.

Two individual lives underwent a radical transformation that can only be explained as supernatural. Meet Dylan & Gabriella Caughey, two young adults who have been marked by the Gospel. 

Dylan, 23 years old, once existed for the sake of survival. He never could foresee moving past a life of simply managing. He didn't have hope for an Earthly purpose for himself but believed he was to plainly get by. Isolation was his comfort until the Lord met Him in brokenness. Upon hearing the Good News of the Kingdom his heart was pricked with the belief that his life was destined for much more than he could imagine. 

Gabby, 21 years old, once believed that her Christian life wouldn't result in true encounters with the Supernatural. Stuck in the lies of false religion, she didn't anticipate her life to ever reach beyond the mundane. Though raised in a church, she didn't view herself as worthy to be loved by the Heavenly Father; she didn't know the transformation of brokenness to wholeness was every believer's promise. Upon hearing the Good News of redemption and change, her heart was pierced to grow faith and hope. 

Two individual lives marked by the Gospel became one on 11/11/23. On this day, the two vowed to run this race together for God's Kingdom and purpose.

FAST FORWARD: Throughout the past few years of pursuing the Lord, we have walked through various seasons and wild journies! For about two years each of us separately (prior to marriage) traveled tremendously as full-time missionaries. We relied on the Lord solely to prosper our ways as a full-time job wasn't an option for what God was calling us to at that time. As we recently enter this new season of marriage and soon-to-be parents, our calling looks different! We still LOVE to travel however, the Lord recently led us to root in North Carolina to be connected with long-term believers in the community. We now are very active in attending house fellowships, worship meetings, and general activities that build us together in God's purpose for unity, change, and spreading the Gospel. Reaching those outside of the church remains very crucial to us and for this reason, we devote many hours to online ministry through video content & connection.  

As we pursue this lifestyle that God has called us to, we view it as necessary in scripture to pour our time first into the Lord, marriage, fellowshipping with believers, and reaching the lost. When it comes to practicals, we strongly believe that the Lord is able to financially make a way as we seek first His Kingdom. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" Matthew 6:33. We currently work as delivery drivers on the side to pay for our new bills. Due to the hours that we put into ministry and fellowship, it's not practically sustainable to work a full-time 9-5 job. Choosing a 9-5 would eliminate the ability to fully spread the Gospel through the content we post on Youtube as well as Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. We believe, however, that the Lord will pave the way for us to continue as full-time missionaries fully funded once again as a rooted family. Our vision as a married couple is to cultivate a life as young disciples sharing the Gospel and teaching the ways of Jesus to the younger generations. We desire to see the corruption of this age be destroyed by the light of Jesus. We're not striving and will never strive to make a name for ourselves, to have an abundance of riches, or even acquire the "American Dream." Our desire is to glorify the name of Jesus, walk individuals into the knowledge of who He is, seeing more souls added to the Kingdom! To see our commitment to digital content lead to physical encounters of sharing truth through visiting churches, events, conferences, high schools, and college campuses is what we are now aiming and shooting for. To reach this goal, we need help in order for us to fully dedicate our time to content creation and other ministry opportunities. We believe our life has been marked for more than the mundane of simply existing. That is the case for each individual! We believe our lives are meant to be fully immersed in spending our time as disciples of Jesus. We don't want the American dream, give us Jesus!

We would like to invite you to partner with our vision of living not simply as converts but Disciples of Jesus Christ. To partner with us isn't a way for us to brush off our practical needs but rather sow into the call of what Jesus is leading for our lives. There is only so much time in a day, life is but a vapor. We don't desire the riches of this world, we desire help in order for us all to store up our treasures in Heaven. With your financial partnership, more time & dedication can be put into our ministry of creating content, connecting with believers, and being used as a voice for the Lord to the youth. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with our vision. Supporting us with a one-time gift or opting to support us monthly would be a Heavenly blessing. We pray more than anything that this campaign inspires each of you into a closer relationship with the Lord and a life lived for Him. Thank you for taking the time to read as well as pray into this. May the Lord bless each of you abundantly. 

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