This is really very hard for me to do, as its for personal reasons (sort of) and not to support the work we do at UncoverDC, but I am asking for your help. As many of you know, I ran for State Executive Committeewoman here in Horry County, SC. I was elected to that position, and our Chair, and Vice Chair were elected all of similar mindset. We replaced old leadership here as our entire county stepped up to get involved in the political process and bring change to the leadership of the GOP.

This win was not without hardship and strife. The chair of our state party hasn’t withheld his disdain for us, and has vocally smeared those who have stepped up in the same way, in one instance calling the Greenville County GOP leadership “lepers”. You can read a bit more about that here

On July 12, 2021, for this and other comments, as well as seeking to conduct party business with a self-appointed club outside of county rules, our Executive Committee brought a censure ( resolution to vote, which was approved by the county committee.

Now, We are going to rewind a little bit. I was invited to speak at “Rock the Red” a long-standing conference here in SC on June 5 of last year. General Flynn was also a keynote speaker. After General Flynn had spoken and stepped off the stage and the event was over, a man stepped forward and took the microphone. He began to read from a prepared manifesto. 

He had just said “General Flynn is the biggest scumbag traitor in the history of this country, next to Donald Trump…” Two nearby attendees tried to take the microphone. He resisted and in the video of the incident, he can be heard saying “citizens arrest” as he tried to get away from those folks. Then, Chad Caton, who many of you know from the podcast, attempted to restrain him and the two of them went to the ground. Chad managed to stand up with the man who took the microphone and escort him towards the exit. The guy was arrested and charged with Public Disturbance.

It was a really unsettling thing to experience. The day after, a local website penned an article that was completely ridiculous about this, framing the article as though Chad had done something wrong. Because of politics, a number of the members of the GOP here began flooding the Executive Committee with demands for Chad to step down from his position as Precinct Executive Committeeman. On June 6, 2021, the Horry County GOP published a statement on its website to address the disturbance at the event, and explain what had happened from our perspective. The statement explained that Chad had acted appropriately under the circumstances, diffusing a potentially dangerous situation. It was based on the reports of other witnesses to the incident. 

The attacks didn’t relent after this, and I personally felt SO upset about the way this was being propagandized, I brough Chad on the podcast to explain his side of the story. I started the show like this: 

"Something happened at . . . Rock the Red, over the weekend, and there’s

been this report that came out about it that is so utterly contemptuous

that I am compelled to speak out about it . . . . I’m going to brief the story

and then Chad [Caton], I will bring you in to discuss what happened.”

And then later on in the show, I explain what I saw and what was reported to me by other witnesses that night. Mind you, I NEVER said this man’s name, and neither did the Horry County GOP statement. 

Then, the man who grabbed the microphone started talking to the press about suing and started a GoFundMe.

The same outlet that wrote the initial piece that started the entire public portion of this incident also published on their website a statement by the man who had the manifesto. 

 AND THEN ON JULY 21, a week after the censure resolution, I learned from a media article that this guy who caused the disruption with his manifesto was suing me for defamation, along with the Horry County GOP. Not only that, but he sued Chad for assault. .

And now to the crux of the issue, in my opinion. This is the most abhorrent, disgusting garbage I have ever personally experienced in politics, but here we are. On 7/23 (happened to be my birthday, lucky me!) we learned in the media that this dude’s lawyer had sent a letter to every member of the HCGOP executive committee DEMANDING OUR RESIGNATION FROM OUR POSITIONS IN THE PARTY to drop his lawsuit. Adding insult to injury, he threatened to sue the individual precinct committee members (about 90 people!) for defamation if we did not resign. I don’t want to add too much comment to this right now, for obvious reasons, but PLEASE read this article.

A small group in our local party then started holding meetings outside of our general procedure to attempt to get a quorum of EC’s to vote to demand we resign. They were unable to reach that quorum. The majority of our committee wanted us to fight this. And fight this, we would.

We hired the law firm of Jesse Binnall to defend us in this nonsense defamation suit. 

We have been fighting this every step of the way. This is how things work—if you don’t follow the line, if you try to do things with integrity, if you upset the apple cart in any way, they will come for you. Whether it’s what I consider to be a frivolous civil suit, or they attempt to get you criminally or even in the court of public opinion, at the end of the day their goal is to either bankrupt you or beat you into submission. We said NO. We refused to step down. We refused to cower, and we decided to fight on behalf of all the amazing Americans who ensured we were DULY elected to leadership positions in the Horry County GOP. 

The legal cost to try to fend this off are ridiculously expensive. I am coming to you to ask if you would consider helping us to cover those. To be CLEAR, we are NOT seeking monies in excess of what we owe. I do not want to raise a penny over what we owe to the attorney’s handling this case.

Next week is a hearing on the motion to dismiss, which our attorneys have to travel to attend. You can view the case docket by going to the link below and searching “Tracy Beanz” :

I hate doing this, but ultimately we need to fight back against this in order to win. I am hoping that you all will help me do just that. I love you all. Please share this link with people you think would be interested.