The emergency is that Julie doesn’t have money to pay her real estate taxes.  The primary reason is her health has interfered with her working and the secondary reason is that the company she is working for has had very little work hours available.

Julie has many health issues.  Some of them are Occipital Neuralgia which causes severe migraine headaches and neck pain.  In 2003 she was involved in an almost deadly automobile crash.  She has a problem with her brain swelling.  She also contacted MRSA in the hospital several years ago.  She has reoccurring bouts with the MRSA.  Because of this her Pustul Psoriasis rashes can become infected with the MRSA. The photo shows an outbreak. The end of last year found her passing multiple kidney stones which causes many trips to the hospital.  She has applied for disability but has not been approved.

Her taxes are due on April 15 and she has no money saved to pay them.  There are consequences if she does not meet this deadline.  Please help her.

Her caring mother who is not able to help her.

Thank you.