Alexander Bly's Legal Fund

Campaign Created by: Cornelia Hertzler

The funds from this campaign will be received by Cornelia Hertzler.

Goal: USD $25,000
Raised: USD $ 12,695

Alexander was born on Jan 3rd, 2022. Shortly after birth, we discovered he had a heart defect that required surgery to fix, as well as a throat defect that required an operation. 

We made it clear that for the operation and surgery, we needed to use unvaccinated blood from specific donors. We voiced our concern that he would get blood clots if exposed to blood from someone who had received an mRNA vaccine, and we knew these blood clots to be deadly.

This request was initially mocked and ignored. We were told it's extremely rare for infants to get blood clots and even though the use of vaccinated blood had no long-term study, it wasn't something to worry about.

We continued to persist until we received the proper paperwork for directed donor blood. 

We were informed that Alex would not need a blood transfusion during the first operation on his throat unless something went seriously wrong which was not anticipated. The operation was uneventful.

A few hours post-operation, the doctor gave Alex a blood transfusion without our permission. The next day a blood clot was discovered. Over the course of two weeks, the blood clot continued to grow from his knee until it reached his heart and took his life. They had him on the strongest blood thinners available and it did nothing to slow or break up the clot. 

He died on February 17th, 2022. 

More recently, we learned of Baby Will's fight for unvaccinated blood in New Zealand. To assist them in their fight in court, I contacted the hospital where Alex had been for 4 weeks to obtain his hospital records. I got an email from the records department saying that no record of him could be found. We strongly suspect that our records were deleted. 

Donations will be used in finding a lawyer and supporting us financially while we take this to court. 


Update #1
March 3, 2023
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Thank you so much for your overwhelming support. The messages you all left with your donations touched my heart, and more than once brought tears to my eyes.

Ron and I were able to take off work and travel to Washington and obtain Alexander's medical records from all 3 hospitals, including the hospital in Spokane that initially could not "find" the records. An expert is currently going through all the records. Other plans are currently in the works, and I will post another update when I can. 

We welcomed our new little boy on January 21st. Keep all three of us in your prayers. 



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