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  For the last 3.5 years I have been making videos from the historical research, books, and studies on various topics lost to revisionist history.  I bring you the facts and analyze along with you the uncovered data, and exposed lies.  I have a radio show and worldwide podcast since November, along with a free-to-add free-to-watch Roku TV channel called Baal Busters Broadcast. I have had my first YouTube channel with many subscribers deleted a year ago, and I've always been on  Recently I've focused on bringing on guests to my shows. Many have been on Stew Peters including Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Bryan Ardis who does a recurring Monday show with me, Mitchell Nicholas Gerber, Scott Schara, and Diego Rodriguez whose grandson Baby Cyrus was kidnapped by armed thugs in Idaho. 

  The focus of the Baal Busters shows is to address the dangers of our present condition by analyzing the threats posed by corporate entities and government officials. It's all our duty to call out and hold accountable those whom attack our Creator endowed rights, and make moves that could harm our families.  I use many resources throughout history to illustrate how these malicious ones operate and their ties to the ancient Cult of Ba'al. Pattern recognition acts as a giant fingerprint across the actions these people and groups have committed.  I use a lot of Bill Cooper archives in my presentations to help introduce that man's work to the present generation. 

  Being independent means I pay for everything to make these podcasts, radio shows on and videos on JoshWhoTV & Roku TV possible.  I started this campaign to help support the continued efforts made to educate and arm you with the facts and evidence needed to see this world for what it is.


Big Surprise: No one is paying attention to Imminent DANGER
July 3, 2022
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Reality Check: We are being told we are running out of food as they blow up and burn down the processing plants that finish these food products. WE ARE AT WAR  

My store closes in 6 days! Uncertain times
June 24, 2022
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I mentioned before that my store that I operate and make all the product for is changing hands come July 1st. My daughter is going to be 6 years old on July 2nd.  I have to find a better way to run my business so I can be closer to my family, and not have crushing overhead costs. It should also mean that I'll have more time to make my product for internet orders, and be able to continue, and improve my Ba'al Busters video and audio productions.  Change is always scary when it comes to finances and it's a big deal when you're providing for a family, too. Please help and please pass along this campaign to others.  Thank You! :-)

My Free Roku TV Channel and more
June 16, 2022
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If you have Roku you can have the channel for free:

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I'm available wherever you get your pdcasts

My Small Family Business closes in July
June 16, 2022
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For the last 9 years I have been operating in San Diego with my small business I grew from farmers markets to a store. It's closing due to overhead costs growing rapidly. I have to make over $7,000 in product every month just to hit zero, then hope to sell enough to pay the personal bills after that.  I have a beautiful daughter and a forever girlfriend to support, so we're transitioning to just internet and local sales closer to where we live.  We left California 5 years ago. It sucks there. Real expensive and intrusive.  We left to keep our family safe.  I want to devote more time to the show, and to finishing my book with the same title.  The reason we're all under such stress is because things have gotten out of control.  We're constantly playing defense and adapting to the change caused by these assaults. Accountability needs to reenter this world. That's why I do my show.  I put myself out there for public scrutiny so I can deliver the message of truth, sensibility, and reason. I Know we have Creator endowed rights. They're real. It's not simply a belief. It's a fact.  

I was a US Coast Guard Telecommunications Specialist with a Top Secret clearance at one time. It's like a radioman. I was also a creative writer and editor, and did some limited college radio. From there I was an IBEW Electrician for a time. Then I began my own business where I have created a total of 35 original products to-date. 

I'm coming to you for help keeping reality and truth alive. I'm here to assist in the struggle to preserve family values and keep our children safe from wicked people. Please, if you can, help fund the ongoing efforts of this show. I put it right back into making these videos better. The computer I use isn't suited for the workload, the audio equipment needs some upgrades as well.  I can't invest that much into it because I'm already paying for distribution, hosting, etc. I appreciate your help.

Daniel from Ba'al Busters


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