Right before Christmas, dad came down with a bad stomach bug. After enough days at home only getting weaker we finally convinced him to go to the ER. We had no idea "the illness that shall not be named" could present as persistent vomiting and not a lung thing, but that's what it turned out we were dealing with. After having to go on a ventilator on Christmas Eve, he spent the next few weeks defying the doctor's expectations and was released to a rehab facility 2 hours away from home on Feb 4th. Now begins the arduous task of weaning him off of vent support, then weaning off the trach, and then of building back his physical strength. In addition to this, mom has need of accommodations so she can be with him as much as possible since the 4 hr drive (2 hrs one way) is too much to travel day after day.
If you know dad personally, you know why he is so special to us all. He's a wonderful husband and father, brother and friend. If you can give to help with the cost of travel, reservations and food for mom or medical help for dad, that is wonderful. If you cannot, please do pray. God is mighty and we continue to ask for his blessing in dad's healing.