Better Together New Mexico is a statewide grassroots alliance promoting public policies based on the principles of liberty, free enterprise, and traditional American values. Your donation to support non-partisan, liberty-based grassroots advocacy WILL make a positive difference in our state. 

Referendum Project: We believe bills like HB 4 and SB 180 are dangerous for our election process and the security of the vote. We also believe that HB 7, SB 397, SB 13, and HB 207 threaten our communities, endanger the lives and mental health of children, remove parents from their lives at school, and wreak havoc on our state. It is the right of the people of New Mexico to referendum these bills to stop them from going into effect and put them up for a vote by the people instead of a few in the legislature. 

We will no longer be a silent majority watching our rights be stripped away. Stand with us in prayer, and if possible, financially as well. God bless you and yours.