Bags of Hope was started in December 2021 to bring help and hope to the homeless at Christmas. That first year went well & we realized this should be an annual endeavor. Then in December 2022, we were so blessed to show God's love to many homeless people in our area again. We drove to the areas where these men and women are often seen and handed out Christmas gift bags filled with essentials. Thanks to many caring people who helped us collect donations and raise money in the months leading up to the distribution, we were able to make up 31 bags to give to people in need. We filled them with items such as a warm hat, warm gloves, a few pairs of warm socks, some cans of food as well as a few snacks, a toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant, a water bottle, soap, washcloths, hand sanitizer, razors & nail clippers, ChapStick, a flashlight, a rain poncho & an emergency blanket. We also had a collection of much needed blankets & coats for them to choose from, along with some clothing, scarves & backpacks. We put a New Testament, a tract, and a personal handwritten card in each bag. We were even able to provide slices of fresh pizza, which was a blessing as some of them said they had not eaten in awhile (for one guy it had been 2 days). God provided above and beyond as we saw needs met. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. This has been an opportunity to play a part in something bigger than just providing physical needs, but showing God's grace and care for others who may feel hopeless -- making a spiritual investment. Will you join us in prayer as we are preparing for 2023, and consider donating to this rewarding ministry if you're able? Several of the items can be used, and all monetary donations are used solely for Bags Of Hope to purchase items we need.

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