Now Is the time to get back our freedoms and rights!

JOIN US AT THE BC VICTORIA LEGISLATURE PERMANENTLY to represent your freedoms and freedoms and rights. 

If you have a truck, machinery, vehicle or tent and need a place to stay because your DONE WITH THE MANDATES, let us know.  We will coordinate a date and time for everyone to meet at the BC Victoria legislature.  We will remain until our government drops all the mandates and commits to representing the people's freedom long term. 

If you are ready for change?  Email us so we can send you a package:


It is time to end lock-down measures, mask-mandates, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates. The justification for these measures has often been woefully insufficient, and very little consideration has been given to the harms wrought by such measures – which are considerable. 


Omicron has taught us a couple of things. It has taught us that you can’t end Covid through vaccination, and it has taught us that you can contain Covid through testing. 


The measures enacted by the government under the guise of public safety have not improved the general health and well being of British Columbian's. They have instead heaped hardship and abuse upon them.


We are demanding an end to such measures, and for any measures that the government insists must remain, we are demanding that the government justify the basis for these measures with rigorous evidence that includes a proper analysis of costs and benefits, and that compares the effectiveness of these measures against other measures that were available but not utilized. 


We are calling for the government of British Columbia to work for its citizens, not against them. We are calling for the government of British Columbia to engage in respectful dialogue free from the threat of repercussions and government-sanctioned reprimands, open dialogue that permits dissenting voices and considers the opinions of dissenting experts.